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What You Need to Bring

Getting Started

Application Description

  • 1. Before Applying
  • 2. After Applying

1.Importing Handset Phone Book & Other Files

There are several ways to import handset files to iPhone. Some methods may require a visit to a SoftBank Shop after completing application.

2.Syncing iTunes & Product Registration

Connect iTunes 9.2 or later to register iPhone. Create an Apple ID or enter existing one. Apple ID is required to use many iPhone functions and services.
Note: iTunes may appear in Japanese. Follow these steps to change menu language:

to change menu language

3.MMS address settings

MMS becomes available after completing the iPhone OS 3.0 update

4.iOS Update

Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone.
Follow the directions and update to the latest iOS.

5.My SoftBank Registration for New Users

Create My SoftBank account to check monthly statement, etc. online. Upon registration, password is sent to iPhone via SMS.

6.E Mail(i) and Wi-Fi Settings

Configure E Mail (i) and Wi-Fi services.

7.Restricting Web Browser Access

Safari access is restrictable. Parent/guardian may enable this restriction before allowing use by a minor.

Settings Restricting on iPhone

In Home Screen, tap Settings → General → Restrictions → Enable Restrictions
Set Passcode window appears. Set one and reenter to confirm.

Restrictable applications appear. For Safari, tap On.

On changes to Off, and Safari access is restricted.


To limit Internet access on iPhone to a selection of child-appropriate sites, download the free*
「Yahooあんしんねっと(Yahoo! Anshin-net )」 or [Yahoo!きっず(Yahoo!Kids)」 application (Japanese) via App Store. Download may incur packet communications fees depending on download method. For further information, please click here.

1. Before Applying