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E mail(i)


Your E mail (i) address ends with an "" extension.


Customize the random alphanumerics appearing before @.

When Mail Server receives a message sent to E mail (i) address, confirmation appears on iPhone. Number above Home Screen Mail icon indicates total unread messages for all mail accounts saved on iPhone. Use iTunes 8 or later to update iPhone 3G with iPhone Software Update version 2.2 or later to use Pictographs in E mail (i)/SMS messages.

E mail (i) Service

Application Not Required
Monthly Fee ¥0
Covered by
Flat rate packet service
Rates Vary by
Area/Local Carrier
Storage Capacity 200 MB/5000 Messages
Storage Period Undefined
Message Limit 1MB (including Subject text)
E mail (i) Address
Pictographs Supported by
iPhone Version 2.2 or Later

Receiving E mail (i)Messages

Receiving E mail (i)Messages


Storage Capacity

  • When 200 MB/5000 E mail (i) messages are received, messages are automatically deleted from Mail Server and iPhone, oldest first. Deleted messages cannot be recovered. To prevent deletion of E mail (i) messages, delete unwanted messages/empty trash beforehand.
  • Alternatively, forward important E mail (i) messages to another e-mail account with larger storage capacity.

<E mail(i)>

  • Customize random alphanumerics before @ in E mail (i) address; if already in use, try another one.
  • Using E mail (i) address account name and password (sent via SMS) as Login ID and Password, access to adjust E mail (i) settings. Alternatively, see steps below for disabling incoming notification for E mail (i) to access this page on iPhone 3G.
  • SoftBank automatically detects and removes viruses from outgoing messages, and deletes incoming messages with viruses. We also employ spam filtering that blocks messages suspected of being spam. For more details on Virus and Spam Policy for E mail (i), see here. (Please note that at this time Softbank does not allow virus and spam settings to be changed or disabled. Customers who require e-mail without virus checking or spam filtering are advised to use a different Internet service provider.)
  • Follow these steps to disable incoming notification for E mail (i): In Home Screen, tap Safari, open Bookmarks and tap My SoftBank and tap @. Enter Login ID and Password (sent via SMS). E mail (i) setting page appears. Tap [3] Newly arriving e-mail notification setting, then tap Off.
  • Changing SoftBank handset/canceling iPhone contract invalidates E mail (i) address. Address is deactivated and Mail Server messages deleted.
  • iPhone does not support Graphic Mail. (Received Graphic Mail text may be viewable.)
  • iPhone does not support e-mail transmissions via mobile numbers (e.g., SoftBank or Disney Mobile on SoftBank handsets). Use mail addresses to exchange messages between iPhone 3G and mobile handsets.
    White Plan (i) and Gold Plan (i) do not cover outgoing E mail (i) transmissions even to SoftBank or Disney Mobile on SoftBank handsets.
  • "Organize E mail (i) folders" allows you to create, edit and delete folders directly under Inbox. "Organize E mail (i) folders" places restrictions on which characters are allowed to be used in folder names; a space, a slash "/" and an equal sign "=" are forbidden. Folder name length is limited to 10 characters. The total of folders allowed in E mail (i) is 99 including those in Drafts, Sent, Trash and other folders that you created. Note that in deleting a folder, mail massages saved in the folder will be also deleted.
  • After you complete, start Mail and tap the counterclockwise arrow (on the left bottom) to apply the change.
  • If you registered E mail (i) address on any internet services such as Apple ID (iTunes Store account), please change all registered information of internet services when you change E mail (i) address or cancel E mail (i) service.

<Using E mail (i) Outside Japan (Roaming)>

  • Flat rate packet service only covers iPhone transmissions within Japan. Using E mail (i) outside Japan incurs additional packet communications charges.
  • Global Roaming Service is required to use E mail (i) outside Japan. Unless otherwise requested, this service is included with subscription.
  • Packet communications rates outside Japan vary by area and local carrier.