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Sending Pictographs

Select from 468 Pictographs on iPhone. Use E mail (i) to send Pictographs to mobile e-mail addresses or Gmail accounts. Use SMS to send Pictographs to other SoftBank handsets.

  • Use iTunes 8 or later to update iPhone 3G with iPhone Software Update version 2.2 or later to use Pictographs.
  • After installing Software Update, activate Pictograph entry as follows:
    Settings → General → Keyboard → International Keyboards → Japanese → Emoji On
  • Due to differences in handsets and pictograph libraries, iPhone Pictographs may not appear properly on other pictograph-compatible handsets.
  • If Pictographs do not appear properly, please see iPhone: Troubleshooting Emoji issues on Apple Website for assistance.

Pictograph Service

Pictograph Service
  Sending Receiving
Compatible Carriers SoftBank
Disney Mobile on SoftBank
NTT docomo
Yahoo! Mail
Compatible Mail E mail (i), SMS
Message Limit 468 pictographs
  • iPhone Software Update version 2.2 or later is required to use Pictographs.
  • Pictographs sent from iPhone are automatically converted by recipient handsets for optimal display.
  • Pictographs may not appear properly due to incompatibilities with recipient handsets.