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Importing Phone Book Files

The Easy Way to Import Your Phone Book

New application available for easy import of Phone Book in current handset to iPhone.

Current Handset→SoftBank Shop→Application→iPhone Contacts

1 At SoftBank Shop

Import Phone Book from current handset using Memory Support server. (Available at SoftBank Shop and some retailers carrying SoftBank handsets.)

When handset change procedure is completed, SoftBank sends password via SMS. Please keep in safe place. (Password needed for following procedure.)

SMS message including password shows sender's name [Sender: 940001]. If mail is deleted or question arises, please contact iPhone Technical Support Center.

2 At Home

Download DENWACHO KANTAN COPY via App Store and start application.

* Apple ID is also required, please click here.

  1. 1

    Access App Store on iPhone and download DENWACHO KANTAN COPY. Also download as follows:
    In Home Screen, tap Category then tap Utilities to find the application.

  2. 2

    KANTAN COPY Once DENWACHO KANTAN COPY runs, input password sent via SMS.

    This is a free application. Download may incur packet communication fee depending on download method.

  3. 3

    Tap Add to iPhone Contacts icon to complete.


Click to download the application

Available on the App Store


Applicable Customers

  • Anyone who has purchased iPhone.
    • Some handset models not compatible with this application. Please visit SoftBank Store for details.
  • DENWACHO KANTAN COPY can be downloaded to handset with S! Addressbook Back-up.
    • Phone number and password for S! Addressbook Back-up is required to download Phone Book.
    • Phone Book cannot be downloaded if S! Addressbook Back-up is canceled and deleted from server.


DENWACHO KANTAN COPY (Importing Phone Book Files) is a free application.
Download of application and Phone Book data may incur communication fee (except Wi-Fi).


  • If DENWACHO KANTAN COPY is used repeatedly, Phone Book data may be duplicated in iPhone.
  • Contents not existing in iPhone Phone Book (Contacts) cannot be imported.
  • Phone Book data not specified by country will be saved as Japan. Some country names may not be shown correctly.
  • Pictographs saved in Phone Book do not shown properly.
  • Since DENWACHO KANTAN COPY downloads Phone Book via server, errors may occur.
  • Communication rate may be expensive due to communication method outside Japan.