To SoftBank Wi-Fi Hotspot and FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT customers: Effects resulting from server authentication migration

October 5, 2015


The login server used for SoftBank Wi-Fi Hotspots and FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT employs encrypted communications to prevent the theft of login IDs and passwords. While server authentication is used to perform this encryption, from December 2015, SoftBank plans to migrate to SHA-2 Certificates, a safer encryption algorithm. Most recent PCs and smartphones are compatible with SHA-2 Certificates, so services can continue to be used as normal. For those using certain mobile phones, PCs using Windows XP SP2 or earlier operating systems and certain game consoles that are not compatible with SHA-2 Certificates, the following services will not available.

Service name and SSID

Service name SSID
SoftBank Wi-Fi Hotspot (EX) SWS1day
SoftBank Wi-Fi Hotspot (Free) Depends on provider facility

How to confirm

You can confirm if your PC or smartphone is compatible with SHA-2 Certificates or not at Cybertrust Japan Co.Ltd.’s SHA-2 connection confirmation page. Please click on the confirmation button below.

If the following page displays, your device supports SHA-2 Certificates.

Cybertrust Japan Co.,Ltd. SureServer[SHA-2] - 3 Certificate Chain This page is connected by SSL encryption