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S! Basic Pack

  • 3g Handest
  • 4g Smartphone
  • iphone

The prices do not include consumption tax.

Basic fee for internet service

Required when using email/web/flat-rate data plan.

S! Basic Pack Monthly fee ¥300

Start Period

  • If you subscribe to S! Basic Pack, it will be applied from the day that the subscription is made (the monthly usage fee will be pro-rated).
  • If you cancel S! Basic Pack or your SoftBank Mobile contract, the subscription will end on the day that the cancellation is processed (the flat rate will be pro-rated until the day before the cancellation).
  • To use Internet services [S! Mail (MMS), web access] with a SoftBank 3G handset, an Internet connection service subscription is needed.

How to subscribe/update your contract

You may subscribe to S! Basic Pack at a SoftBank shop or visit My SoftBank (Japanese only).

Shops with English-speaking staff

Would you like to find out more? Visit a SoftBank Shop. Our friendly multilingual staff is always ready to assist you in obtaining the right handset and service plan to fit your needs.