Smartphone, Mobile and Tablet Devices

Centering around the mobile services of "SoftBank", We provide solutions to help resolve various business challenges, including cost reduction.

Network and VPN Services

Combining the benefits of landline and wireless communications, SoftBank can provide you with the network that allows you to access the features you need from anywhere and conveniently. We also offer Internet and data services, including VPN services.

Cloud Services

SoftBank's "White Cloud" is a cloud service centering around the categories of "SaaS", "IaaS", "Gateway" and "network", giving SoftBank the capacity to provide optimal solutions to a wide range of businesses, regardless of industry and size.

Voice Call & Landline Telephone Services

SoftBank has a lineup of landline telephone services capable of performing various tasks to support your business, including the "OTOKU Line" that has brought great satisfaction among many of our customers.

AI/Machine Learning

AI’s machine learning allows you to change a large volume of data accumulated in your company into valuable information. It will provide you with the ability to conduct more accurate predictive analysis and accelerate your business. Furthermore, it is available for 24 hours and 365 days to do a tremendous amount of work tirelessly, bringing you a new form of efficiency in the digital age.


Receive full support for everything from building sensor networks to supplying network connectivity and network devices, as well as data collection and analysis.

Digital Marketing

SoftBank offers services to guide users to your website by displaying advertisements on search engines such as "Yahoo! JAPAN" and "Google " and portal sites. We also offer O2O solutions using special offers such as coupons to drive more customers to your doorstep.

Security Services

SoftBank can realize a secure access environment and protect your business from external threats. We also provide solutions to various email security problems, and offer a wide variety of services to ensure the security of your corporate network.

Datacenter Services

Not only are the high quality network service of SoftBank directly connected to the datacenters are available, they can also be mixed together with mobile connection, cloud services and security services.


5G is the next-generation communication technology, offering high speed, large capacity, multiple connections, and low latency as its main features. SoftBank is working on the research and development of “5G”, the fifth generation mobile communications system, through demonstration experiments, etc. for launching the 5G service. SoftBank has been accumulating the knowhow through demonstration experiments to bring a stable 5G network service.


SoftBank’s RPA solution, “SynchRoid”, uses a software robot for automated operations. Simple office works and a large volume of paperwork can be automated by just registering process steps, bringing more efficiency and speed to your business and leading to cost reduction. SoftBank’s RPA solution has the advantage of being able to work with various systems.

Local governments

SoftBank’s solutions for public offices and local governments aim to provide residents, businesses and local governments with solutions which are easy-to-understand and familiar to and loved by anyone, by taking advantage of our experience in consumer services which always pursue “comfort”.

Other Services

Learn about SoftBank's various unique services, tailored to fulfill the needs of specific industries and fields, such as medical practice, video transmission, automobile industry, and local governments.