SoftBank Corp. Develops Battery Pack with Next-generation Lithium-metal Battery Cells and Successfully Demonstrates Their Operation in the Stratosphere
~Newly developed battery packs use battery cells with specific energy of 439 Wh/kg, more than 1.5 times that of existing products, to achieve 300 Wh/kg for battery packs~

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Softbank Corp. has developed a battery pack for HAPS with high specific energy lithium-metal battery cells in collaboration with Enpower Japan Corp.
With the cooperation of ENAX Inc., we have worked to reduce the weight of the battery pack components and have come very close to achieving a battery pack with a specific energy of 300 Wh/kg.
Aiso we conducted charge-discharge cycle tests of the developed battery pack in the stratosphere in the U.S. and successfully demonstrated their operation in the stratosphere for the first time.

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