AI-RAN Alliance : Leading companies and academic institutions in the AI and telecom fields unite


The telecom industry is also compelled to transform due to the relentless advancements in AI technology like others. The AI-RAN Alliance (, founded by SoftBank along with 10 leading companies in telecommunications and AI, and 1 academic institutions, aims to innovate by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Radio Access Networks (RAN). This initiative seeks to redefine the vast RAN infrastructure present worldwide as a foundation for AI, driving innovation.
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1. The need for cross-industry innitiative

The AI-RAN (Artificial Intelligence Radio Access Network) is a revolutionary technology bringing innovation to the telecom industry.This new architecture, utilizing AI technology, not only significantly enhances the functionality and quality of Radio Access Networks (RAN), but also stimulates the creation of new business opportunities by providing a robust computing infrastructure for AI applications across various industries. This is anticipated to make a substantial contribution to the economic and social advancement in the era of AI.

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However, it will be very difficult for an individual industry or an individual company to achieve the development of this new technology.

For instance, to integrate services with diverse requirements such as mobile communication, cloud services, and AI applications into a single infrastructure and maximize synergy, it is essential to aggregate expertise and experience from various fields.

Furthermore, it is imperative to build a sustainable ecosystem that fosters a Win-Win relationship between service providers and manufacturers, as well as to coordinate with existing standardization organizations, related associations, and academia.

To realize such a complex initiative, it is crucial to establish an ecosystem to exchange knowledge.

2. AI-for-RAN, AI-and-RAN, AI-on-RAN

The AI-RAN Alliance focuses on exploring innovation in three key areas:
● AI for RAN Working Group:Utilize AI to enhance RAN performance, surpassing current limitations for higher spectrum efficiency and network capacity.
● AI and RAN Working Group:Promote efficient resource use and explore revenue opportunities by facilitating the coexistence of AI application and RAN workloads.
● AI on RAN Working Group:Enable the development of innovative services for end-users by directly providing AI services from the network edge.

Member companies will bring their respective expertise to each Working Group to take on the challenge of problem-solving.
The central mission includes exploring use cases, issuing research papers, sharing experimental data, implementing incubation programs, and coordinating standardization efforts with organizations such as 3GPP and IETF.

Furthermore, by closely collaborating between the Working Groups, we will actively explore solutions that are realistically implementable to society. The Alliance's scope of consideration also includes the exploration of new revenue opportunities in the industry, optimization of investment and operational costs, and pursuit of sustainability.

3. Accelerating AI integration in all sectors

SoftBank has previously been involved in the establishment of corporate alliances for advanced technologies, such as the Global TD-LTE Initiative ( and the HAPS Alliance( Although both organizations started as minor forces within the telecom industry, we have now successfully built ecosystems that exert significant influence.
Drawing on this experience, SoftBank is once again demonstrating leadership in launching the AI-RAN Alliance, an innovative technological initiative.
The AI-RAN Alliance, comprised of top-tier players across various industries, strategically unites their expertise to collectively redefine the infrastructure and business dynamics within the telecom sector. Moreover, we strive to accelerate the AI transformation across all industries, creating significant value for society as a whole. SoftBank will contribute to this new alliance with its technology and expertise.

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