Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

  • #Autonomous Driving

Kazuma Takeuchi

  • Profile
    Master's Degree of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo (2020)
    Joined SoftBank Corp. in 2020 and seconded to MONET Technologies Inc. in the same year.
  • Research areas
    • Design, Development, and Operation of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Data Platform
    • Traffic Demand Prediction and Simulation with Mobility Data Analytics
  • Research areas and achievements as a student

    ■ Research Topics:

    • Control and Mechanism Design Using Matching Theory

    ■ Papers:

    • Stabilization of matching via negotiation / 5th Multi-Symposium on Control Systems (MSCS2018)
    • Stability guarantee of matching considering time parameters via negotiation / The 61st Annual Conference of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
    • Mechanism Design of Matching Systems Guaranteeing Stability and Strategy-proofness / 7th Multi-Symposium on Control Systems (MSCS2020)
    • Stabilization of Matching via Negotiation for Sharing Systems and Its Application to a Ride-Share Problem / 2019 18th European Control Conference (ECC)
  • Motivation for research
    I feel that the way we move is changing with the recent advancements in technology, such as the development of physical transportation through autonomous driving and the ability to experience things without physical movement through VR technology. I find the excitement of the research interests in considering how "movement" should exist in such a new world.
  • What I value in my work
    When something catches my attention, I immediately try it out and confirm it. If I only think about it in my head, I might miss out on discoveries that contradict my own misunderstandings or intuitions, so I prioritize doing things alongside thinking.
  • Hobbies / How I spend my days off
    I spend my free time mainly cooking. Cooking, in a sense, might be like research since it involves trial and error to pursue deliciousness.