Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

  • #Autonomous Driving

Mitsuhiro Enomoto

  • Profile
    I joined SoftBank Corp. in 2020 and have been conducting research on V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) and autonomous driving since then.
  • Research areas
    • Verification of accident reduction system using 5G SA (Stand Alone) / Cellular V2X for pedestrians and vehicles.
    • Construction of autonomous driving environment as a pre-verification platform for V2X-related projects.
    • Development of low-power autonomous driving system that does not rely on central processing.
  • Research areas and achievements as a student

    ■ Papers

    • Development of person-following robot using end-to-end deep learning.
    • Paper presented at the 20th Annual Conference of the Control Division in the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, 2A5-03 (2019).

    ■ Achievements at RoboCup World Championship:

    • 8th place at RoboCup 2016 Leipzig Germany @Home Open Platform.
    • 9th place at RoboCup 2017 Nagoya Japan @Home Open Platform.
    • 5th place at RoboCup 2018 Montreal Canada @Home Open Platform.
  • Hobbies and how I spend my days off
    I spend a lot of my free time playing with technology. Recently, I created a space where AI can live freely, and I drop models of various shapes into the space to observe how each AI learns and evolves through its own movements and natural selection. I also enjoy modifying home appliances, such as adding my own sensors to a household cleaning robot to enable it to pick up and transport items on the floor.
  • Birthplace/Where I grew up
    Nakano-ku, Tokyo/Kobe-city, Hyogo
  • What I value in my research
    In our development of an autonomous driving system, we place great importance on creating and running the system in short intervals, withdrawing from weak points while continuing to advance the system's strong points to the next step. We prioritize making early decisions to forego certain approaches in order to focus our resources and maintain a sense of speed as the "compass" for SoftBank Corp.