Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

  • #Autonomous Driving

Kengo Kobayashi

  • Profile
    I have experience working on tasks related to wireless communication, such as verification, integration, area design, and tuning of SoftBank's mobile network. Additionally, I participated in "Field Trials for Early Introduction of 5G's Massive Simultaneous Connection" by the MIC's project. Currently, I am engaged in research on advanced utilization methods for 5G and networks for connected vehicles and am proceeding with demonstrations with various partners such as car OEMs and universities, and so on.
  • Research areas
    • Investigation, development, and verification of network systems for connected vehicle
    • Development and verification of use cases for C-V2X
    • Development of 5G enhancement
  • Major achievements
  • About my research

    Since joining the company, I have been involved in tasks related to RAN. Through my research, such as optimizing the coverage of a small cell region, I have experienced firsthand how users utilize the network.

    On the other hand, in research, I tend to think more about technical specifications. However, even in such cases, I make a conscious effort to always consider things from the user's perspective.

    As we move into the 5G and 6G era, I believe that there will be an increase in innovative services and network usage that we have never experienced before. I am conducting research and development in order to bring these advancements into commercial services, and contribute to the evolution of the telecommunications industry.