Integrated Report 2022

SoftBank's Take on Challenge

In line with our growth strategy of “Beyond Carrier”, we are expanding our business domain into social media, payment, media, and e-commerce through the acquisition of Z Holdings and the launch of “PayPay”, while pursuing stable growth of our telecommunications business. For enterprises, we provide a variety of solutions ranging from network construction, data centers, cloud services, security, AI/IoT, and digital marketing. We continue to evolve into a comprehensive digital platform providing Japan's top-class ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services.

What Value We Create

We use our strong telecommunications infrastructure as a foundation to provide top class ICT services in Japan, and we are involved in the digitalization of all kinds of industries. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that, without us, it is no longer possible to even think about the digitalization of Japan. Based on this awareness and pride, we create services that increase the convenience of and enrich people's lives while also utilizing the power of technology to contribute to the problem-solving of society as a whole.

CEO Message
SoftBank will seek to trigger Japan's digitalization

President & CEO

Junichi Miyakawa

CFO Message
Face change with a future-oriented mindset and become a compass that illuminates the destination in difficult times

Board Director
Executive Vice President & CFO

Kazuhiko Fujihara

How We Create Value

The impact of the mobile service price reduction in Japan is expected to peak in March 2023 and then diminish significantly. In the medium to long term, we will strive to maximize corporate value through the “Beyond Carrier” strategy, which includes growth in the Enterprise and Yahoo/LINE segments, growth and monetization of “PayPay”, and growth in group synergies. At the same time, we will promote a human resources strategy that supports business growth and technology strategies that will drive DX in Japanese industries.

Future Plans for PayPay
We are aiming further growth by promoting the widespread use of cashless payments and expanding financial services

PayPay Corporation
President & Representative Director,
CEO, Corporate Officer

Ichiro Nakayama

Technology Strategies
Utilize technology refined through in-house practice to drive digital transformation of Japanese industries

Executive Vice President & CTO

Hideyuki Tsukuda

How We Sustain Value

In addition to improving governance through constructive dialogue with stakeholders, SoftBank will thoroughly implement initiatives to reduce and prevent increasingly complex and diverse risks, including those related to information security. Meanwhile, we aim to improve the well-being of our employees through optimal and productive workstyles, while providing a workplace where diverse personnel can maximize their abilities and where innovation is encouraged. We are also leveraging cutting-edge technologies to respond to global environmental issues for achieving a sustainable society.

Corporate Governance
Dialogue between external directors and institutional investors

External Director (Independent Officer)
Takehiro Kamigama

External Director (Independent Officer)
Kyoko Uemura

Human Resource Strategy
SoftBank's future opened up by promoting women in the workforce

Vice President, Head of East Area Division
Consumer Business Unit
Kayoko Miyazono

External DirectorNaomi Koshi

Manager of Diversity Section
HR Planning Department,
HR Planning Division,
HR Division, Corporate Unit
Akari Kido

Data Section

This section includes our business overview, financial data, measures concerning our six material issues, ESG data book, group structure and external evaluation.

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