Integrated Report 2023

Who we are

While providing high-quality telecommunications services centered on smartphones, SoftBank has been further expanding its business fields going beyond just being a telecommunications carrier and has grown to include a number of Japan's top-class ICT (information and communication technology) services. We will further our efforts to solve various social issues with the power of advanced technology, and work for our long-term vision of aiming to be “a company that provides next-generation social infrastructure essential for development of a digital society.”

CEO Message

In May 2023, we announced our long-term vision for 2030, and our medium-term management plan covering the period from FY2023 to FY2025. I will explain the thoughts behind this.

Our Strategy

SoftBank envisions a future society in which people and AI coexist, bringing with it a more convenient and comfortable lifestyle. By executing our growth strategy Beyond Carrier and rebuilding our business foundation by executing the medium-term management plan, we aim to fulfill our long-term vision of becoming “a company that provides next-generation social infrastructure essential for development of a digital society.”

Kazuhiko Fujihara

CFO Message
Face change while focusing on the future
even when times are tough,
and be a compass that leads the way

Board Director
Executive Vice President & CFO

Kazuhiko Fujihara

Our Sustainability

We will provide a workplace where individual abilities can be maximized and seek to improve the well-being of our employees through efficient workstyles. At the same time, we will strengthen governance through constructive dialogue with stakeholders and implement initiatives to address the increasing complexity and diversity of risks, including information security. Furthermore, we will address global environmental issues by making full use of technology to realize a sustainable society.

Kyoko Uemura

External Director Message
Representing 60% of shareholders

External Director (Independent Officer)
Member of Nominating Committee,
Remuneration Committee,
and Special Committee

Kyoko Uemura

Data Section

This section includes our business overview, financial data, measures concerning our six material issues, ESG data book and external evaluation.

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PDFs of Integrated Report 2023 (overall and individual sections) and past integrated reports and annual reports are available for download.