Does SoftBank offer an unlimited plan?

Yes we do. You can use unlimited data for 4G and 5G at no additional charge. Automatic discount will be applied to light users who do not reach 3GB during the billing month.

I don't need that much data and I'm looking for a more budget friendly plan. Can you suggest alternative options?

Certainly! Y!mobile, our subsidiary phone service brand, offers reasonable service plans for individuals, families, and children.
Please check the site below.
Y!mobile for US Military in Japan
Both SoftBank and Y!mobile phones and services are available at on base SoftBank shops.

I am staying for a short period of time. Do you have a prepaid (pay as you go) service?

Yes, absolutely. We have prepaid services available. Our English speaking staff on base will recommend you the best option depending on your stay and financial situation.

Can I purchase a handset from SoftBank, unlock it, and use my stateside SIM card?

Yes, absolutely. You can purchase the latest handsets at our shop (pay upfront only), and unlock it right away.

Does SoftBank offer home internet service?

Yes, we do. If you live off base you can sign up for our home internet service. If you live on base and wish to get Wi-fi only, we also offer a Pocket Wi-Fi at a reasonable monthly fee.

What do I need to get started?

Please visit your nearest on base SoftBank shop with your:
1) Military ID, or SOFA ID
2) States ID, Stateside Driver’s License, or U.S. Passport
3) Stateside handset (if unlocked) if you wish to get SIM only
4) Credit card or debit card for your monthly payment method

How can I terminate my service? Can I request the date in advance?

Please visit your nearest Softbank shop on the day you wish to terminate your service.
No, there is no advance service termination reservation at this time.