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Our Mission

Refinement and inquiry.
Is that all there is to research?

Technology has always been a catalyst for social change. But without the implementation of technology into society, technology cannot activate social change.
We’re the agents activating that change. That’s why we do research.
To break down barriers while taking the shortest possible path.

That’s why we do research.
Holding steadfast to our wildest dreams.

That’s why we do research.
So we can break with the preconceived notions of the past, and pioneer new ones for the future.

We’re researchers.
We’ll reinvigorate society through technology.

With our research,
we’ll move the world forward. We are Activators We are Activators

About Us

The Research Institute of Advanced Technology was established in April 2022 as an organization tasked with researching and developing new technologies that can be implemented into society.

New technologies have always driven social change. However, the next normal cannot be pioneered by just conducting research. As agents activating social change, we will move the world forward with new technologies to help create a better future for society.


Above all else, we value the idea of leveraging technology to create new and valuable services, and to bring about positive change to society. Just as SoftBank led the way in enabling the information society with its telecommunications network technologies, we continue to prioritize the question of how we can use technology to create better services and change society for the better.

That is why, as our mission, we conduct research and development activities while envisioning how new and advanced technologies can be practically implemented in society. Guided by SoftBank’s philosophy of enriching people’s lives through the Information Revolution, we carry out this mission with the belief that technology only has value when it is actually used by society.


Implement technology into society and move the world forward

To realize SoftBank’s corporate philosophy, “Information Revolution – Happiness for everyone,” we conduct R&D to create new technologies and services, and implement them into society.

Bringing new ideas to life is very challenging and difficult. That is why we believe it is important to not fear failure, to learn from past failures and continue to take action.

Today's challenge will be tomorrow’s normal. I believe that we can significantly change society with one technology. With our researchers, driven by their belief in the power of technology, we will continue to create a future driven by innovation that changes the world.

February 2023
Vice President, Head of Research Institute of Advanced Technology
Ryuji Wakikawa



  • SoftBank Corp. Vice President, Head of Research Institute of Advanced Technology
  • MONET Technologies Inc. Technology Group, Head
  • HAPSMobile Inc. Board Director
  • 5x5 Technologies, Board Director
  • HAPS Alliance, Executive Board Director

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Our Activities

We conduct a diverse range of development and research activities in technology everyday. By utilizing advanced technologies, we strive to solve social issues and pioneer the changes that will shape the future society.
Reference: 12 challenges towards 6G

Meet Our Team

In order to implement new technologies into society, it is essential to envision the next ’normal’ and take action without fear of failure. We introduce the members of the Research Institute of Advanced Technology, who are conducting research that would move the world forward.