Live together with Pepper? Share your work with Pepper? Learn programming with Pepper?
Let's start living in the future with a Pepper style that suite you most

What is Pepper?

"Pepper is a 121cm tall humanoid robot who was born on June 5th 2014. As Pepper is designed for human interaction with vocal conversation as well as through his table, Pepper has been actively working in various fields such as in homes, shopping malls, schools, offices, senior residential homes, and so on! Pepper is continuously evolving based on your requests and the world surrounds him. He has also been assigned as an "ambassador" by the Office for COVID-19 and Other Emergency Infections Disease Control, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan."

A lovable character

“From the concept of “not a science fiction, but a robot that stays with you” Pepper is α robot, but he's also very much like us.


Pepper attracts by combining visual effect, body language, speech, and his tablet.

Natural Motions

Pepper can make various motions by using all the moving parts with 20 degrees of freedom from his head to fingertips.

Flexible role

Pepper's motion can be set up as you like to match your needs.

※Developping environment differs by plan

Typical Use Cases

Pepper is mainly used in the medical fields, commercial shops, elderly / medical facilities
※Pepper's type, spec and the pricing differs depending on the scene or field where Pepper is used

Programming robots that can be used in the real society!

Users can easily define the motion and his speech by programming. We provide a dedicated tool to experience an easy programming which could be used to develop a vital problem solving skills in the Society 5.0. We have also prepared easy teaching tools for teachers. The Pepper programming is becoming so popular that more than 40,000 lessons have been taken place in about 1,000 schools all over Japan.

Enterprises will support the deployment to your schools and local government offices

Enterprises can contribute in enhancing local education by renting a Pepper which could be used to provide programming lessons to the local schools and governmental bodies. Enterprises can also utilize Pepper for events such as opening ceremony and PR activity.

1.8 times more effective in catching customers than the shop staff!!*

Pepper's motion and the speech attracts the passersby.
An effective sales activities can then take place if a shop staff reaches out to the customer who had stopped by. A human-robot collaboration that beats COVID impact, combining with a remote conversation function a variety of use cases can be served.

Thermal Pepper

Thermal Pepper is a one-stop solution that can cover from detecting a person to handling a person with high feaver.See the details

A comfortable life in the elderly facility!

Pepper supports users's everyday life by providing recreations and conversations to the users. Relieving the facility staffs so that they can concentrate on other tasks.
Pepper's recreation activities can be outputted to visualize good effects of daily activities.

A life with a robot

Add an accent in your life by communicating with the robot and its various apps.
Every member of your family will get along with each other beyond the generation gaps through Pepper, now even with a programming lesson capability.


Yanagawa elementary school in Koto ward


Spend a great morning with Pepper!

In My Life corporation


Exercise and rehabilitations with smooth motions!

MALLOW hair and spa


Auto air infiltration depending on CO2 density by customized developent!

Pepper Spec

Size (Height x Width x Depth) 1210×480×425 [mm]
Weight 29kg
Battery LITHIUM-ION Battery
Sensors Head : Microphone ×4, Camera ×2, Distance Sensor ×1, Touch Sensor ×3
Chest : Gyroscope ×1
Hands : Touch Sensor ×1
Legs : Sonars ×2, Lazor Sensor ×6, Bumpers ×3, Gyroscope ×1, Infra-Red sensors ×2
Moving parts [DoF] Head : 2, Sholder : 2×2(L/R), Elbow: 2×2(L/R), wrist : 1×2(L/R), Hand : 1×2(L/R), Waist : 2, Knee : 1, Wheel : 3
[Motors] 20
Display 10.1Inch touch display
Communication Method Wi-Fi : IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4GHz/5GHz)

We can find Pepper here and there!