SoftBank Electric Power Service

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おうちでんき Ouchi-Denki

- Electricity bill will be cheaper than now. *1.

- Discount when getting the electric power service and smartphone or mobile phone together. *2

- Discount 100yen/month per line from smartphones and mobile phones.

- Saves 1% every month from the meter rate price of electric power company. *3

自然でんき Shizen-Denki

Supply power with high ratio of renewable energy.

This service contribute to forest protection.

*1 It may not be cheaper depending on your current types of electricity supply.

*2 For two years, 100yen / month discount is applied for each line up to 10 lines of mobile phone, tablet and fixed communication service. After the third year, discount amount is 50yen / month.

*3 Compared with the regulated price of each electric power company of the service providing areas.

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