Voice Call & Landline Telephone Services

Including "OTOKU Line" service popular among many of our customers, we offer a wide lineup of landline telephone services to support your business. SoftBank can provide the optimal business solution to accommodate your business needs.

List of Services

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Prepaid Card


"Comica" is prepaid card system that allows you to make calls, from Japan to overseas(226areas), from overseas(32 areas) to Japan and within Japan.
It is secure and convenient for taking with you when you go overseas on vacation or on a business trip. And since it is a prepaid card, you can freely use it for making international and domestic calls without worrying about over-use.

  • Comica
  • Domestic Call International Call


"KOKUSAI Card" is a prepaid card that allows you to make international and domestic calls, from home, mobile phone, and IP phone. It is a secure and convenient way to make calls from overseas without worrying about excess use. Take it with you when you go overseas on vacation or business trip, or study abroad.

  • KOKUSAI Card
  • Domestic Call International Call




Domestic Call International Call

"OTOKU Line" is a dedicated line telephone service that utilizes SoftBank's telecommunication facilities to connect the caller directly to the person receiving the call.
Since it does not go through the telecommunication facilities of NTT East and NTT West, OTOKU Line's basic charge is unified to SoftBank and it has the capacity of delivering a higher quality service. We also provide emergency numbers as well as basic and optional services.

Telephone & Discount Services

Free Call Super

"Free Call Super" is SoftBank's toll-free service which can be used for mail order and support centers for customer service centers. As it allows you to systematically configure its wide range of sophisticated services to meet your business needs, a more customer-friendly two-way communication can be made possible. "Free Call Super" will help expand your business chance.

  • Free Call Super
  • Domestic Call

0063 Cellular Telephone Call Distinction Service

By dialing "0063" before the number, you can make your business call from your company-owned mobile phone or PHS phone to be automatically charged to your company.
No registration fee or basic monthly fees are required. The call charge is a simple fixed rate across all over Japan for any time. A usage statement listing the caller numbers, timestamps of calls and call destinations will be delivered together with your phone bill, providing you with an easy way to check the calls that were made.

Domestic Call International Call

Home Dial

"Home Dial" is an international credit call service that allows you to make direct-dial calls from overseas to Japan or other countries in a cashless way. The call charge is the same as the International Dial Call service. If you use this service during discount hours in Japan, you can make your calls even more cheaper.
Registration is required before use.

Domestic Call

0065 Credit Call

"0065 Credit" Call is a credit call service for placing international calls from Japan. You can make international calls conveniently in a cashless way when you are on the go or from payphones. The call charge is the same as the International Dial Call service. (No extra fees required.)

International Call

0088 Number Service

"0088 Number Service" is a telephone service that allows you to make calls using SoftBank's economical rates just by dialing "0088" before a number.

Domestic Call

0061 International Direct Dial Service

Make international calls more economically with SoftBank's "0061 International Direct Dial Service". With the 0061 International Direct Dial Service, you can make calls from Japan to more than 230 countries and areas worldwide. If you register for My Line, you can always call without dialing the "0061" access code. Calls can also be made from mobile phones, PHS and payphones.

International Call

My Line / My Line Plus

By registering SoftBank as your telecommunications provider in advance, you can always call through SoftBank automatically without dialing the access codes of "0088" or "0061".

Domestic Call International Call

VoiceNet / VoiceNet OTOKU Line
(Extension Call Service)

"VoiceNet" is a corporate networking service that unifies your offices around the nation through extension numbers without requiring private lines. With its ability to support to ISDN lines, "VoiceNet" can be easily combined to your existing communication network and it is also equipped with high-grade optional services. "VoiceNet" can help you install an extension number network to your domestic offices at a low cost and can also provide the comprehensive support of designing, operating and managing the necessary network environment.

Domestic Call

International ISDN

Gain access to ways to efficiently use diverse multi-media applications using voice, data and images with the speedy, high-quality and economical digital network of SoftBank's "International ISDN (integrated services digital network)" service. In the field of international business where speed and accuracy are imperative, SoftBank can provide you with the support for a more strategic information activity.

International Call

IP-One IP Phone

"IP-One IP Phone" B Plan is SoftBank's voice call service using IP (Internet Protocol) technology. On-net calls are always free, and off-net calls can be made at a low-cost, flat rate to anywhere in Japan.
With the B Plan, you can choose the equipment you need from the equipment list we prepare based on the specific needs of your environment.

Domestic Call

Quick Line (Private Line Service)

Reduce the charges on your phone bill drastically with "Quick Line". "Quick Line" directly connects your office to SoftBank's network through a private line, eliminating the connection to a domestic public line.
Incoming call service for numbers provided by SoftBank is also available nationwide.

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