Paving the way for zero
on-board accidents


Having problems training your employees to drive gently?
Seminars and consultants too costly?
Daily is a AI-assisted tool that can train your drivers to provide
a smoother ride by giving feedback everyday
on their driving performance.

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Connecting autonomous bus and remote monitoring staff


Dispatcher is the system which bus passengers,
service administrator,
support staff can access to all necessary services involved in autonomous bus.
Dispatcher not only enables autonomous bus operate safely
but also service administrator to communicate with passengers.
Dispatcher will create new mobility service involved in autonomous bus.

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All buses are new autonomous ones

Experimental vehicle related
to community bus

BOLDLY developed autonomous bus
by remodeling Hino's vehicle called Poncho in order to solve problems such as waste line and lack of drivers.
We are going to cooperate with bus operators and local governments and commercialize autonomous driving early.
Why do you experiment "autonomous community bus model" through "experiment" and "event"?

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We want to create a world
where all people can travel safely at an afforable cost, without restrictons.
Our mission is to contribute to the solution of all problems related to transportation.

Company name BOLDLY Inc.
Description of business Consultation regarding Introduction and operation of the autonomous vehicle Development and operation of autonomous driving technology related to passenger and logistics businesses
Established April 1, 2016
Corporate headquarters 1-9-2 Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0021
Shareholders SoftBank Corp.
Representative Yuki Saji, President & CEO 


Making it a reality.

Our business will not end with only experiments.
We believe that Autonomous Vehicles will have an positive impact on the world,
so that is why we definitely have to make them a reality for every day use.
Making this happen will surpass any known examples in the fields of Law,
Technology, Business, and the scope of the business itself.
In the process of accomplishing our mission,
there will be no straightforward problems from the beginning,
and as the problems get more difficult,
we will have to inject that much more enthusiasm, speed and ideas to solve them.

We would like to share the fun of solving the incredible challenge of making this a reality with you.
It will take looking at problems from a higher perspective, thinking until your head splits,
and making important decisions through your own will and courage.
Are you ready?