Prices do not include tax unless otherwise noted.

Unlimited usage for applicable services Unlimited Video & SNS Flat Access relating to video services and social networks will not count towards your data quota.
  • Certain functions/features in the applicable services will count towards your data quota. For details, please see here.
  • For the usage fee of each service, please pay separately to each company.
  • Various devices that support only SoftBank3G, Windows tablets, and mobile data communication devices are not eligible for GIGA No Count and will consume data when using an applicable service.

In addition to the 50GB*1 monthly data usage quota, YouTube, AbemaTV, TVer, GYAO!, Hulu, LINE, Instagram, Facebook along with other video services and social networks*2 can be used with no limit*3 using "GIGA No Count". "Ultra GIGA MONSTER Plus" is the name of the service that includes "Basic Plan" and "Data Flat-rate 50GB Plus" and is available from ¥3,480 a month with various discounts.

  1. *1
    If usage exceeds 50GB, transfer speeds (both upstream and downstream) will be limited to 128Kbps for the rest of the billing month. By purchasing additional data, you can use data communication without having your data speed reduced.
  2. *2
    Services applicable to "GIGA No Count" are scheduled to be expanded gradually in the future. Applicable services may also change.
  3. *3
    Applicable for data usage within Japan. Even for services applicable to unlimited usage, there may be cases when unlimited usage may not apply, for example if data is used through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or technical factors. In addition, usage of certain services/features (such as LINE calls) within applicable services are not included in the unlimited usage. Paid services must be paid separately to each company. If large data transfers are continuously performed over a certain period, and SoftBank judges that the data transfer is being performed by a machine, data transfer speeds may be restricted.

Cases in which data is counted towards your quota

Please note that the following operations and functions count towards your data quota. Details of the service listed here may change without notice. (As of December 18,2019)

Common for all contents

Data transfers using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxy server / Connecting to an external link or server / Data usage when using an unofficial app / Overseas usage (global roaming) / Simultaneous connection and connection switch of Wi-Fi and mobile data usage (4G/3G)


Live broadcasting / Clicking on an advertisement link

Amazon Prime Video
(will be added from January 31st,2020)

Data transfers besides viewing and downloading videos (certain images,advertisements,API,etc.)


Browsing the Notification page / Browsing the FAQ / Browsing official sites of programs


Advertisements / Measurement related beacon / Data transfers related to the video distribution solution system / Browsing topics


Viewing and browsing advertisements / Viewing images and text / Viewing certain live broadcasts / Browsing web pages


Advertisements / Analytics services such as Google Analytics / Data usage when registering for paid membership


Data transfers besides viewing and downloading videos (browsing the site, video manifest, DRM license, images, subtitle data, viewing quality beacon, API, etc.)

StudySapuri / StudySapuri English

Analytics services such as Google Analytics


Voice calls / Video calls


Clicking on an advertisement link


Playing back music (Music Stories)


Playing back music (Music Stories) / Messenger


Clicking on an advertisement link

<Monthly usage fee example: First year when various discounts are applied>

1 person Number of people included in Everybody Family Discount Plus
2 people 3 people 4 people or more
Ultra GIGA MONSTER Plus Basic Plan (Voice Calls) ¥980
Data Plan 50GB Plus ¥6,500
1-year Discount (1 year)*4 -¥1,000
Home Bundle Discount Hikari Set*5 -¥1,000
Everybody Family Discount Plus - -¥500 -¥1,500 -¥2,000
Total ¥5,480 ¥4,980 ¥3,980 ¥3,480
  1. *4
    Requires a new or upgrade contract (including USIM card contracts).
  2. *5
    A fixed-line service fee will be charged separately. For SoftBank Hikari, a subscription to the specified option (¥500/month) is required. If you use Yahoo! BB Value Plan or White BB, the discount period is 2 years.

Optional Services

Name Service details Monthly fee
Basic Plan (Voice Calls)  ¥20 per 30 seconds*6 ¥980
Semi flat-rate option*7 Voice calls in Japan up to 5 minutes are free of charge +¥500
Flat-rate option*7 Voice calls in Japan are free of charge all the time +¥1,500
  1. *6
    Calls within Japan to the same family discount group are free all the time.
  2. *7
    Certain services may not be covered by the free voice call service.

Applicable Models

iPhone (iPhone 5 or later), Google Pixel, 4G smartphones, feature phones

See other price plans *Japanese only