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Clearly See What to Do & How to Do It Assist Guide \What to do/→\How to do it/ Today you're going to… Got it!

Application for helping children understand their tasks

This application supports children in taking actions by their own and demonstrating their true potential by visualizing what to do and how to do it.

Japanese only

Japanese only

Things you can do with this application

Create and check your schedule

Register the order of the "to do" items for the day. You can also register a task to be repeated daily or weekly.

Create and confirm helpful notes

Register how to do a task, how to get to a place, and what to bring in the form of picture cards.

For details on operating the application, please refer to the manual below.

Japanese only

Usage fee

Monthly fee Free of charge (data charges are incurred separately)
Application Not needed

Usage method

Please download the application from the following to use the service.

Japanese only

Supported devices

As of January 27, 2023
iPhone Supported (iOS 12.0 or later)
iPad Supported (iOS 12.0 or later)
Smartphone Supported (Android™ 9.0 and above)
Tablet Supported (Android™ 9.0 and above)
Kids Phone Supported (Kids Phone 3 only)