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  • Voice Call Service and Web communication used outside Japan do not apply to your price plan (in Japan), data usage cap, various flat-rate discounts (including flat-rate services such as Unlimited Packet Discount), and discount services (excluding Monthly Discounts).
  • In the overseas carriers providing 3G service, you can use 3G service sequentially.
  • Automatic data transmission may result in data packet charges of more than several thousand yen per day to be incurred. For certain models, "data roaming" is enabled by default to allow data usage when overseas. If you are overseas and do not want to use data roaming, please make sure to turn off the data roaming setting before traveling.
  • We send out important emails to notify you of information such as the current connection status. If the sender address for "Information" is set as a spam filter, you may not safely receive the email, so please change the spam settings in advance.
  • If we confirm that the usage amount has exceeded a certain amount and has become very expensive, we may suspend the service. If you wish to resume usage overseas, please contact our International Call Center.
  • When roaming overseas, IPv6 communications are not supported.