Global Roaming Service Areas and Rates

You can check the available areas and applicable charges for America Flat-rate, Global Roaming Data Flat-rate, 5G International Roaming and LTE International Roaming as well.

Overseas carrier information

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Data communication charge

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    The local carrier codes that will be shown under "Region of Usage" of "Global Roaming Call Details".
  • *2
    For carriers that provide services in-flight and on-board ship, the minimum charge for up to 100KB; below, additional charges for over 100KB.
  • Voice Call Service and Web communication used outside Japan do not apply to your price plan (in Japan), data usage cap, various flat-rate discounts (including flat-rate services such as Unlimited Packet Discount), and discount services (excluding Monthly Discounts).
  • Depend on your contract or device, you may be limited services.
  • Unlike use in Japan, MMS communication charge will be charged for server mail operation (updating lists, deleting mail and others) overseas.
  • Taxes do no apply to charges when making international voice calls, sending international emails, and when using Global Roaming Service. For this reason, taxes are also not calculated for monthly discounts.
  • For some models, Message Download default setting of S! Mail (MMS) is "Auto (All)" to receive all messages. (iPhone is set to receive all messages.)When traveling outside Japan, packet communication rates may be very high. Please change the settings to "manual receiving" to receive only the emails you need according to your usage status. (If you are using an iPhone, you can disable MMS.)
  • For incoming voice calls from overseas, the number of the caller may not display correctly.
  • All received calls are subject to call charges, regardless of where call originated.
  • Collect, toll-free, credit card, or prepaid card calls made outside Japan may incur Calling/International Calling charges.
  • When making Voice Call/Video Call between SoftBank users while overseas, the call/communication charge to Japan will be applied to a caller, and for a recipient, charge for incoming call to his/her visited country will be applied.
  • When making Voice Call/Video Call to contact an overseas SoftBank from Japan, domestic call/communication charges will apply for the caller, and the receiving charges for the current location will apply for the receiver.
  • When using MMS/web/mobile data communication (packet communication) overseas, you may in some cases be charged even though your connection failed due to an error.
  • Regarding S! Mail and Web, you may be able to use an overseas carrier that has not been officially included in the service launch. In such a case, you will be charged ¥2 per 1KB.