How to recharge

You can recharge your voice call credits online. Payment can be made using a credit card.

The recharge fee is not applicable to taxes.

Notes on Online Recharge

What you need

  • A computer connected to the internet
  • A recommended internet browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later Google Chrome (latest version) / Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Mobile phone number and password The mobile phone number to be recharged and the password issued when registering with My SoftBank.
  • Credit card Needed to make the payment for the recharge. Visa, Mastercard, and JCB are accepted.

To My SoftBank

Online recharge is possible from the following link.

  • The online recharge service for prepaid phones ended on January 22, 2019 (Tue). Customers using 3G mobile handsets and 3G smartphones can also recharge their account through My SoftBank.

How to Recharge in My SoftBank

  1. STEP 01

    Click [My SoftBank].

  2. STEP 02

    On the member login screen, click [帯電話番号でログイン / Login with mobile phone number].

  3. STEP 03

    On the login screen, enter the mobile phone number to be recharged and your My SoftBank password, then click [ログインする / Login].

  4. STEP 04

    The top page of My SoftBank will be displayed.

  5. STEP 05

    Click [料金·支払い管理 / Fees/Payments] from the menu.

  6. STEP 06

    Click [リチャージ / Recharge].

  7. STEP 07

    Click [クレジットカード / Credit card]

  8. STEP 08

    Specify the recharge amount.

    • You can recharge either 3,000 yen or 5,000 yen.
  9. STEP 09

    Specify your credit card

    • Enter the card number and expiration date.
  10. STEP 10

    A screen to confirm the recharge information will be displayed.
    After confirming the information, click [リチャージ / Recharge].

    Once the recharge has been processed, it cannot be canceled or refunded. Before clicking the [リチャージ / Recharge] button, please carefully check that your credit card number and other information are correct. If the credit card is not accepted or if you have reached the recharge limit*1, an error screen will be displayed.

    1. *1
      The following recharge limits are set.
    • You cannot have an account balance exceeding the following amount: Simple Style (mobile handset): 60,000 yen | Simple Style (smartphone): 120,000 yen
    • If you have recharged your account online by more than 10,000 yen within the past 24 hours
  11. STEP 11

    A screen confirming that the recharge has been completed will be displayed.

    An SMS message notifying you of the "recharge result" will be sent to the SoftBank mobile device that was recharged.

    • The reference number will be important to prove the transaction at a later date. Please save the message or make a note of the reference number and keep it in a safe place.
    • The SMS message with the recharge result may not reach your device or may be delayed if the cellular coverage is poor and other cases.