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Simple Style (Prepaid Services)

The prices do not include consumption tax.

Simple Style (Prepaid Services) requires no regular payments, so you never have to bother with monthly statements. Just pay for the handset and service of your choice, and enjoy SoftBank's advanced mobile technology.

Price Plans for Simple Style Smartphone

Available Services

Voice calls, International voice calls*1, S! Mail, SMS*2, Web access


Voice Call fees Flat-rate across Japan ¥8.58/6 sec.
SMS Receiving Fee Free
Sending Fee Simple Style (Prepaid Services) with Flat-rate Data Service*3

(One of the plans listed to the right is required)
2 Day
7 Day
30 Day
Receiving Fee
Sending Fee ¥900 ¥2,700 ¥7,000
3G Data Fees
To use SoftBank Wi-Fi spots, you must subscribe to a flat-rate data service and also configure the Wi-Fi app. SoftBank Wi-Fi spots can be used until the flat-rate data service period ends. When configuring the Wi-Fi app, the 4 digit PIN (registered when the contract was signed) is required. The 4 digit PIN may need to be entered again if you apply for the flat-rate data service again.
The service will end at 12 AM on the day following the day in which the service was purchased.
For each plan, the day in which the subscription is made is counted as the 1st day. If monthly data usage exceeds 1.2GB, data speeds may be reduced. See page 15 for more information. Data speeds will be reduced (until the plan ends) if data usage exceeds the following: 200MB for the 2 day plan, 700MB for the 7 day plan, 3GB for the 30 day plan.
  • For pre-installed apps that require a data plan, you must subscribe to the Simple Style (Prepaid Services) with Flat-rate Data Service. For prepaid smartphone contracts, some services, pre-installed apps, and contents may not be available.
  • For details, see the SoftBank webpage ( (Japanese only) Software updates using a 3G line require the Simple Style (Prepaid Services) with Flat-rate Data Service.
  • In the case that mobile data is not available immediately after subscribing to a flat-rate data plan (for a Simple Style smartphone), please turn off the power of your smartphone and turn it on again.

Price Plans for Simple Style 3G phone

Available Services

Voice calls, International voice calls*2, S! Mail, SMS*3, Video Call (for supported models) , Data Communication (64K/UDI, supported models only*1)

  • Web and S! Appli are not available.


Voice Call/Video Call fees Flat-rate across Japan: ¥8.58/6 sec.
Video Call and Data Communication*1: ¥15.24/6 sec.
S! Mail/ SMS Receiving Fee Free*2
Sending Fee Unlimited Mail*2 ¥286/Up to 30 days
1 Data transfers are possible if you connect a USB cable to a computer or another device. For supported devices, see the SoftBank webpage ( (English)
To be able to send/receive S! Mail (MMS), and send SMS messages, an Unlimited Mail subscription is required.

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