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Notification of the billing cycle change
(from 10th to End of month)

SoftBank is going to consolidate current billing cycles into one cycle which will close at the end of each month, making it easier for customers to manage and understand.
No additional paperwork is required from you. This change, when made, will be implemented internally.

Your current monthly payment due date will also change, however, the payment method you have already established will remain unchanged.

Applicable customers

Applicable customers affected by the billing cycle change will receive a postcard showing "[Important] The billing cycle date of your monthly service fees will change" as the subject.

The postcard estimated delivery time: February 2024

Appearance of the postcard to be delivered

Notes for the billing cycle change

  1. The closing date of monthly bill will change.
  1. The payment due date will change.

Notes for each payment method Notes for each payment method

  • Paying by auto bank transfer: the bank transfer will be made on the payment date. If the payment date is a holiday for financial institutions, the payment date will be the next business day. (if you pay by invoice, the payment date will also be the next business day).
  • Paying by credit card: the debit date will be the date specified by the credit card company. Depending on the credit card you use, the debit date for your card may change, or the debit dates for before and after the change may be overlapped.
  • Paying by debit card: the payment may be debited from your account before the billing information is disclosed.
  • The invoice delivery date will be changed to around the 16th of every month.
  1. In the month of the change, the billing amount will be temporarily higher than the usual billing amount.

Example of mobile phone bill

See detailed schedule See detailed schedule

billing month currently closing on the 10th of the month
April 2024 March 11, 2024 (Mon) to
April 10, 2024 (Wed)
May 2024 April 11, 2024 (Thu) to
May 31, 2024 (Fri)
June 2024 June 1, 2024 (Sat) to
June 30, 2024 (Sun)
  1. After the cycle change, the monthly charges for payment of two months service will be temporarily combined and billed for some services such as SoftBank Hikari, SoftBank Air, electricity/gas services.

In case SoftBank Hikari charges are billed combined with mobile phone charges

Other notes

Pro-rated billing of service fees and optional fees

When the billing cycle changes, service fees and optional fees shown below will be pro-rated according to the actual usage period.

Provisional data amount addition for flat-rate data service in the month of billing cycle change

For flat-rate data services, the amount of data will automatically increase depending on the actual usage period of billing cycle change month.
You can check the actual amount of increased data on My SoftBank.

See My SoftBank

How to check your data amount

Press the データ量 "Data amount" from My SoftBank top page menu, then press データ使用量の管理 "Data usage amount management" to see the additional data amount for the month.

Discount for services that cannot apply pro-rated discount amount

For services such as "Home Discount" that cannot apply pro-rated discount amount, extra discounts only for the month will be applied according to the actual period of use.

<Example>For the customer whose closing date of 10th, currently applied the ”Home Discount”

Sample of itemized bill

Sample of itemized bill

You can also see the items of the change on My SoftBank "Fee/Payment management" menu.

See My SoftBank

  • The shown image is a sample. Items and amounts vary depending on the details of your contract.
You can see the usage period.
Since some service plans and optional services cannot apply pro-rated fee, we will charge extra fee according to the actual period of use of the change month.
For some discount services which cannot apply pro-rated discount amount, extra discounts only for the month will be applied according to the actual period of use of the change month. The extra discount will be shown separately on the itemized bill.
For "SoftBank Combined Payment", all settled amounts during the usage period of change month will be billed combined.
The amount of installment payments will never change.
For Internet services (SoftBank Hikari, SoftBank Air, etc.) and electricity/gas services bills that are combined with them, the bill for 2 months charges over the usage period will be added to the mobile phone service bill. (The bill details are shown separately by each month.) Note: Changing the billing cycle of SoftBank mobile phone services will never change the billing cycle for electricity and/or gas services combined with SoftBank service bill.

Notes on “SoftBank Combined Payment”

When using ”SoftBank Combined Payment”, an usage limit per each billing month is set for each service line account.
When the billing cycle changes, while the usage period will be longer as shown in the chart below, the usage limit will be raised during that period so that you will be able to use up to 100,000 yen in each month of April and May.
However, depending on the usage status during April, there may be temporary restrictions on usage in May. (*1)
The actual bill will be made as a combined bill for the May billing month.

  1. *1
    If you have manually set the monthly usage limit by yourself, the usage limit amount set by yourself may not be reflected on the change month. If you are going to use the pre-set amount, please double check the latest usage limit status on My SoftBank twice, once after May 1st and again after May 13th.
  2. *2
    The amount of usage limit varies depending on the customers' contract conditions and usage status. Please check My SoftBank for details.

See My SoftBank



The actual settlement date varies depending on the payment method or account.
Click here (page in Japanese) for more details on SoftBank billing cycles and payment due dates.


If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact us as shown below.

Consumer customers

Contact us by phone

SoftBank Customer Support

0800 - 222 - 3062

Business hours: 10am to 7pm

  • During the billing cycle change period (April 11 to May 31), for monthly charge amount inquiries, dialing of *5555 will not be available.