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Billing Statement

Your billing statement shows all of the service charges for the month. You will receive either a postcard-type* or letter-type billing statement according to the length of your itemized statement.

  • Conditions of eligibility: Customers that do not require a detailed statement and pay by bank transfer or credit card will be automatically eligible to receive a postcard-type bill. However, depending on the terms of usage and other conditions, a letter-type bill may be sent.

Billing Cycle

There are three types of billing cycle groups shown below, based on where you made your contact with SoftBank. Your bill delivery date and payment due date will differ depending on your group and the region where you made your contact. For further information, call 157 (press 8 for English support) from your SoftBank Handset, or visit the nearest SoftBank shop.

Example of Billing Timeline

Period of service covered by bill Delivery date of billing statement Due date of payment
Group 10 10/11 - 11/10 11/25 12/6
Group 20 10/21 - 11/20 12/5 12/16
Group 30 10/1 - 10/31 11/15 11/26
  • Example shows the period from October to December.

Check online*Japanese only.

Visit My SoftBank on your SoftBank handset or PC to check all billing details.