Stolen / Lost Handsets

If your handset is stolen or lost

Please contact your local customer service center and temporarily suspend the line.

USIM Card Security Codes


USIM Card is an IC card containing customer and authentication information, including handset number. USIM Card must be inserted to use handset. There are two user-settable Security Codes for USIM Card: PIN and PIN2. Activate PIN Entry to prevent unauthorized handset use. To learn how to set PIN, see handset User Guide.

SoftBank Mobile Call Center

From overseas :+81 92 68 70 025 24 hours / 7 days a week

*Toll free only from SoftBank handsets

Osaifu Keitai(R) Handset Security*

Osaifu Keitai(R) security functions have been enhanced on SoftBank handsets. To help prevent unlawful use, please follow these instructions:

  • *
    Osaifu Keitai(R): SoftBank handsets embedded with FeliCa IC Cards.

STEP 1: Activate Remote Lock*1*2

Lock FeliCa IC Card functions remotely. (Please see handset User Guide for operations and precautions.)

  • *1
    Remote Lock must be activated and setup in advance. (SoftBank Mobile recommends activation upon purchase.)
  • *2
    Remote Lock cannot be used if handset is outside Service Area, out-of-range, or powered off.

STEP 2: Contact SoftBank Mobile

Handset subscription holder must contact SoftBank Customer Support to make a request. Customer will be unable to use e-money or charge accounts.

STEP 3: Contact Service Provider*3

Providers may be able to cancel services. Please contact them directly to make such requests.

  • *3
    Even after taking precautions suggested here, protection against unauthorized use cannot be guaranteed.


As e-money cannot be reissued, customers using e-money applications should take extra precautious against unauthorized handset use. SoftBank Mobile highly recommends using Remote Lock and IC Card Lock.

If your handset is never found

We recommend obtaining a new handset through the upgrade process. This allows you to keep the same telephone number as before. Go to a SoftBank shop to replace or upgrade a handset.

Please bring proper identification. An upgrade commission fee will appear in your next monthly bill. Upgrade requests will be rejected for delinquent accounts.

If your Simple Style (Prepaid Services) handset is stolen or lost

You have to make a new Simple Style (Prepaid Services) contract. The telephone number will be changed.

Malfunction, Theft, or Loss

*Japanese only.

SoftBank Mobile services may help protect you from handset malfunction, theft, or loss. Enjoy exclusive member privileges as well as greater peace of mind.

Optional Service for iPhone/iPad

Backup Service Package (i) Plus*

Optional Service for SoftBank 5G Smartphones, 4G Smartphones, 3G Handsets and Mobile Data Communication

Backup Service Package Plus*