How to Use 4G Data Prepaid with eSIM / Apple SIM

4G Data Prepaid is a no anual contract service that allows customers with an iPad that has either an Apple SIM card they have inserted or an embedded eSIM / Apple SIM to use data services over the SoftBank network without a basic monthly charge. Tethering service is available for free.

Compatible Device Models

Models with an embedded eSIM iPad Air (5th Gen.)
iPad (9th Gen.)
iPad Pro 11” (3rd Gen.)
iPad Pro 12.9” (5th Gen.)
iPad Air (4th Gen.)
iPad (8th Gen.)
iPad Pro 11” (2nd gen.)
iPad Pro 12.9” (4th gen.)
iPad Pro 11”
iPad Pro 12.9” (3rd gen.)
iPad Air (3rd gen.)
iPad (7th gen.)
iPad mini (5th gen.)
iPad mini (6th Gen.)
Models with an embedded Apple SIM 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd gen.)
10.5-inch iPad Pro
9.7-inch iPad Pro
Models that an Apple SIM card 12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st gen.)
iPad Air 2
iPad (6th gen.)
iPad (5th gen.)
iPad mini 4
iPad mini 3
  • Compatible OS versions: iOS 9.3 or later

Service Charges

Service Charges
Basic charge Free
Data plan 1GB / 31 days / 1,650 yen

Phone Number Validity

  • Your data has a period of validity, either 31 days including the date of application, or until you use 1GB or more data.
  • Your contract will automatically be canceled after 360 days starting from your initial contract date or the final purchase date of the 4G data prepaid plan.

Payment Method

Credit card settlement (Only accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB)

  • No administrative fees apply.

Terms of Use

  • Customers who have an Apple SIM card or an iPad with an embedded eSIM / Apple SIM
  • Customers who are at least 20 years of age
  • Customers who hold a credit card in their name

See “4G Data Prepaid” conditions of service provision

How to register

The customer activates by themself from their iPad. See below for how to activate this service.

See “How to Activate 4G Data Prepaid”


  • This service cannot be used on SIM-locked iPad.