America Flat-rate

Free calls and data in USA and Hawaii with America Flat-rate plan!! Just bring your smartphone along!!

Prices are not applicable to taxes.


Unlimited voice calls and data for any Softbank users, even in the U.S.

"America Flat-rate" is a service that allows customers using a SoftBank device to have unlimited usage for voice calls, data, and emails in the continental U.S., Hawaii, and other areas.


Fee Free
Subscrption Not required

Eligible customers and conditions

  • Must have a subscription to Global Roaming Service.
  • This service is available regardless of which plans you have subscribed to in Japan.

Service area

US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands.

  • Guam, Saipan and other regions are excluded.

See service areas for America Flat-rate
*Japanese only

Usage image

Data (Internet usage)

Web Translation MAP SNS

Sending and receiving voice calls

Outgoing and incoming voice calls are free! Japan U.S.

Voice Call charges

From To Incoming call
Japan U.S※2 Other countries
U.S※2 Free ¥210/min Free
  • ※2
    Guam, Saipan and other regions are excluded.



  • Certain apps may perform data transfers automatically which may cause data charges to be incurred. If you do not plan on using data, turn off “Cellular Data” on your phone.
  • Connection to Sprint's network is possible only when “Carrier” is set to “Auto”. Depending on network conditions, connection to Sprint‘s network may not be possible.
  • Call forwarding and other services may not be available.
  • When sending SMS in English, some symbols may not display.