Before visiting a shop

Prices include tax unless otherwise noted.
Owing to consumption tax calculation, prices may differ from the invoiced amount.

Please make sure you have the following items/information when purchasing a handset or changing subscription content, and more.

What you need to bring

In accordance with the Installment Sales Act, there may be cases where SoftBank will ask for your income and other information. Students, housewives and other customers who do not have an income will need to provide their family income, so please either, come to the shop with the householder, or make preparations so the householder can be contacted over the phone when applying at the shop.

  • Verification of your income is required by law according to Article 35-3-3 of the Installment Sales Act.

For New contract and Switchover (MNP: Mobile Number Portability)

Your name seal

You can also conclude the contract with your signature.

For Upgrading

Your SoftBank mobile phone

Your name seal

You can also conclude the contract with your signature.

  • If the contractor is a minor, separate documents will be required. For details, please check the "Identification documents" page.

For Changing subscription content, and more

Administrative Fees

Applicable for new, upgrade and switchover contracts.

For new and switchover (MNP: Mobile Number Portability) contracts

Administrative Fees ¥3,300
  • The fee will be added to your first bill.
  • Customers with switchover (MNP) contracts can use Mobile Number Portability when switching to SoftBank, so there will be no fees for switching carriers.

For Upgrading

For upgrading to 3G, 4G and 4G LTE ¥3,300
For upgrading to the same generation model ¥3,300
  • The fee will be added to your first bill.
  • If you switch mobile phone models while installments are still being paid, the remaining installments will need to continue be paid.
  • Starting with the month in which you switched models, "monthly discounts" that were applied to the previous phone model will not be applied anymore.
  • If your USIM card needs to be reissued, a ¥3,300 fee will be added to your first bill.

How to purchase or reserve

You can buy a mobile phone online or at SoftBank shop near by.

Shops with English-speaking staff

Would you like to find out more? Visit a SoftBank Shop. Our friendly multilingual staff is always ready to assist you in obtaining the right handset and service plan to fit your needs.

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