Definition of Personal Data

SoftBank handles various types of information pertaining to individual customers as “personal data”.

Definition of Personal Data

Personal Data

Information Related to Customers Themselves

Information Related to Customer Usage

In addition to personal information received from customers such as their name and address, personal data at SoftBank includes information such as usage history and settings associated with customers’ use of services.

Information Related to Customers Themselves

This includes information required to provide services such as name and contact details, procedure details such as contract details and purchase history, emergency contact information, and information contained in identity verification documents to prevent fraudulent use and the like.

Specific Examples of Information:

Basic information

Name, date of birth, company name and so forth

Contract and transaction details

Application and contract details, payment method, purchase and discount history and so forth

Contact information

Physical address, email address and so forth

Verification information

Information such as passwords registered in the authentication system

Images of customers

Pictures and video containing images of customers at events and so forth

Information obtained from other companies

Basic information, usage status, and eligibility for benefits, discounts and the like for customers using other companies’ services

Information Related to Customer Usage

This includes information generated through the use of services and devices such as service usage history, information related to billing itemization and financial institutions, history of advertisements and sites viewed by customers, and location and system status of devices used and the like.

Specific Examples of Information:

Service usage history

Commonly used features and usage frequency; participation history of events sponsored by SoftBank, campaigns, survey results and more

Billing and points

Customer billing amounts and information on various points and coupons

Setting icons and personal preferences

Customization of profile image and color scheme, types of hobbies and interests

Advertising identifiers and browsing history

Advertising identifiers and browsing history collected when browsing sites and using apps we operate

Information on device used

Software information such as OS name and language settings, device configuration and status such as product and serial numbers and battery level, measurement values from instruments, sensors and so forth

Device location and communication information

Geographical and position information such as IP address and GPS, communication speed, amount, and frequency, recipient details and call quality and so forth

Inquiry history

Document requests and interviews, inquiries (opinions, questions, notifications, etc.) correspondence history, notifications and so forth

Information used for quality control and fraud prevention

Device log, server failure history, unauthorized access status and so forth