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Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for This Product (for Japan)

This mobile phone 【arrows U】 meets Japanese technical regulations* and international guidelines for exposure to radio waves.

The Japanese technical regulations for exposure to radio frequency energy established permitted levels of radio frequency energy, based on standards developed by independent scientific organizations through periodic and thorough evaluation of scientific studies.

The regulations employ a unit of measurement known as the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR.

The SAR limit is 2 watts/kilogram (W/kg) averaged over ten grams of tissue.

The limit includes a substantial safety margin designed to assure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health.

The value of the limit is equal to the value given in international guidelines recommended by ICNIRP**, which is in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The highest SAR value for this mobile phone is 0.392 W/kg*** when tested for use at the ear, and 0.243 W/kg*** when worn on the body in the below manner****.

While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at various positions, all phones meet the Japanese technical regulations.

Although the SAR is determined at the highest certified power level, the actual SAR of the phone during operation can be well below the maximum value.

* The technical regulations are provided in Article 14-2 of the Ministry Ordinance Regulating Radio Equipment.

** International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection
*** The value is under simultaneous transmission use conditions.
**** Use at positions other than at the ear
This mobile phone may be used at positions other than at the ear. By using an accessory such as a belt clip holster that maintains a 1.5 cm separation with no metal (parts) between it and the body and the mobile phone, this mobile phone will comply with international guidelines for radio wave protection.

The World Health Organization has announced that "A large number of studies have been performed over the last two decades to assess whether mobile phones pose a potential health risk. To date, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use." They note that if you want to reduce your exposure then you can do so by limiting the length of calls or using a hands-free device to keep the mobile phone away from the head and body.

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