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Pocket WiFi 501HW

2015 Winter model

Pocket WiFi 501HW Enjoy seamless TV and Internet connections! Ultra high-speed 187.5 Mbps Wi-Fi router
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Key features

  • Equipped with a TV tuner that provides One Seg (Digital TV) and Full Seg (Higher quality Digital TV). Enjoy TV on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Supports "Hybrid 4G LTE" which uses both "SoftBank 4G LTE" and "SoftBank 4G". The optimum network is selected automatically, enabling high-speed data transfers to be stable.
  • Speed-up "SoftBank 4G LTE" even further with carrier aggregation. Large volume data transfer speeds are achieved by consolidating radio waves of different frequency ranges and performing data transfers (receiving and sending) as a single line.
  • Starts up quickly in 5 seconds after turning on the power.
  • Equipped with a large 3000mAH battery which enables comfortable use outdoors.

Specifications & In the box

Release Date and Manufacturer

Release Date
October 9, 2015
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Basic Specifications

Wi-Fi router
USB 2.0
Approximately W104 ・ H60 ・ D18.2mm(not including thickest area)
Approximately 150g
Data Communication Methods
Use within Japan
4G: FDD-LTE(900MHz/1.7GHz/2.1GHz)
4G: AXGP(2.5GHz)
Use in Overseas
4G: FDD-LTE(800MHz/1.7GHz/1.9GHz/2.1GHz)
4G: AXGP(2.5GHz)
3G: W-CDMA(2.1GHz)
Data Transfer Speeds*1
Packet Switching*2
Maximum Download Speed: 165Mbps*3 / Maximum Upload Speed: 10Mbps
Maximum Download Speed: 187.5Mbps*4 / Maximum Upload Speed: 37.5Mbps
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
External Memory / Recommended Size
x (not supported)
As a best effort delivery method is used, you may experience slower data transfer speeds or lose your connection depending on network conditions (for example if traffic volume is extremely high). Data transfer speeds vary according to the service area.
64K digital data communication is not supported.
The service area is expanding on a continuous basis. Depending on the service area, the maximum download speed may be 110Mbps or lower.
Service available in certain areas and expanding on a continuous basis. Depending on the service area, the maximum download speed may be 150Mbps, 112.5Mbps, 75Mbps, 37.5Mbps or lower.
If data stored in an external memory card is used on a different mobile phone (from which the data was stored), it may not display/play back properly. Memory cards are sold separately unless they are noted as included in a product.
External memory cards that are greater in size than the maximum recommended size may not operate properly.

Suppoted OS

  • Windows Vista® Home Basic(32bit / 64bit) / Windows Vista® Home Premium(32bit / 64bit) / Windows Vista® Business(32bit/64bit) / Windows Vista® Ultimate(32bit / 64bit)
  • Windows® 7 Home Basic(32bit / 64bit) / Windows® 7 Home Premium(32bit / 64bit) / Windows® 7 Professional(32bit/64bit) / Windows® 7 Ultimate(32bit / 64bit)
  • Windows® 8(32bit / 64bit) / Windows® 8 Pro(32bit / 64bit)
  • Windows® 8.1(32bit / 64bit) / Windows® 8.1 Pro(32bit / 64bit)
  • Windows® 10 Home(32bit / 64bit)/ Windows® 10 Pro(32bit / 64bit) / Windows® 10 Enterprise(32bit / 64bit)
  • Mac:OS X 10.6~10.10(Intel®)
  • Even if devices have been tested, they may not operate properly depending on the status of your computer and peripheral devices.
  • For the operating systems listed above, the Japanese and English versions are supported.


  • All images of the screen are examples. Actual screen may differ.
  • The design and specifications of this product may chang at any time without prior notice to improve functions or performance.