Graduate Evaluation Systems

Evaluation Systems

We evaluate and remunerate employees so that those who worked hard are motivated to take on the next challenge.

Mission Grade System

Each employee’s field and grade are determined based on their mission and work style, rather than age, gender, and other personal attributes. A mission statement drawn up for each job category indicates the direction in which the employee should strive, by defining the mission and capabilities the company expects the employee to fulfill and demonstrate.

Assessment System

Employees are evaluated from two angles. One is to assess their contributions to the business results and organization. The other is to appraise their core capabilities and value relative to the capabilities needed to fulfill their missions and to the attitude and action required of SoftBank personnel. Evaluation indicators are designed to gauge the both factors.

Remuneration System

The remuneration system is made up of the mission grade system and the assessment system that interlink. Each employee’s bonus varies depending on their contribution assessment results, as the system is designed to provide remuneration commensurate with their individual contributions to the organization.

Commendation Systems
SoftBank Award

Encapsulated by the keywords “challenge and innovation,” this award recognizes not only contributions to sales and profits but also ones made by the challenging and innovative initiatives of a team or individual. It also helps to increase the motivation of, and instill a challenger mentality in, employees by encouraging them to recognize and praise each other’s efforts.

Team-Based Profit Management

Recognizing the performance of sections and teams, the smallest frontline sales units, this program reflects our belief that individual teams voluntarily taking the profit-improvement initiative amounts to enormous power to drive company-wide performance and growth. Based on the results tallied up on a quarterly basis, the top-ranking teams are awarded team bonuses.