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Advanced telecommunications and connecting all things to bring about a society beyond our imaginations.

New experience

Through our “Beyond Carrier” strategy that connects people,
things and events through telecommunications, we are creating
new experiences for society.


Innovation in telecommunications.

An IoT era is coming where just about everyone owns a
smartphone and all kinds of things are connected to the
Internet. We will provide richer communication through the
use of advanced telecommunications technology.
  • 5G

    Ultra-fast speeds, large data volumes, high reliability, low latency, and massive device connectivity enable innovative technologies and services that use AI, IoT, connected cars robotics and VR.

  • High-Altitude Platform
    Station (HAPS)

    Our airborne base stations will allow us to provide stable, high-quality telecommunications to everyone, even in mountainous areas, remote islands and developing countries.

  • Beyond 5G/6G

    Smartphones combined with terahertz frequencies to realize ultra-high-speed communications beyond 5G. Advancing research that utilizes terahertz frequencies to commercialize 6G.


With its telecommunications infrastructure serving as a foundation,
SoftBank delivers various services.

  • XaaS

    Every kind of service is transformed into a new
    experience through the Internet.

  • SoftBank
  • Platform

    With its telecommunication infrastructure serving as a
    foundation, SoftBank is building platforms that link
    with various services.

  • Mobility

    Next-generation taxi dispatch
    platform service

    Optimal matching of passengers and taxis using advanced AI-based analysis and prediction technology. Passengers can check their taxi dispatch request and arrival time in the app.

  • Fintech

    Aiming to promote a cashless
    society in Japan and become the
    top payment service

    We aim to use the Paytm payment solution and become the top smartphone payment service in terms of the number of users and merchants. and merchants.

  • Fintech

    Using AI to calculate and score
    credit worthiness and potential
    from customer information and
    big data

    Based on AI scores enabled by big data and AI technology, we support our customers' investments in the future.

  • AI

    Promoting AI business
    applications and growing with
    partner services

    By recognizing and analyzing non-structured data that was previously out of reach, Watson makes it possible to create completely novel services.


Cutting-edge technologies and services coupled with bold execution
are transforming SoftBank into a visionary platformer.

By partnering with businesses and
services around the globe, we are able to provide
superior services.

Building on its solid foundation of telecommunications infrastructure and
leveraging its partnerships, SoftBank is expanding into new growth areas.

  • WeWork


  • Oyo Hotels & Homes

    Oyo Hotels & Homes

  • Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

    Mizuho Bank, Ltd.



  • Loon LLC

    Loon LLC

  • Hakuhodo・Arm Limited

    Hakuhodo・Arm Limited

  • Didi Chuxing

    Didi Chuxing

  • Paytm


With SoftBank

Our "Beyond Carrier" strategy will allow us to pursue innovation and
growth in a broad range of fields beyond telecommunications.


Innovative and creative initiatives to support the development of
a business culture that embraces challenges.

  • Cutting-edge technologies to
    support diverse business

    SoftBank is embracing the challenge of developing cutting-edge technologies in areas beyond telecommunications to serve as a platform for novel services and solutions.

  • Transforming work styles
    the “Smart & Fun!” way

    SoftBank is promoting work style transformation through an innovative initiative that aims to maximize organizational and individual productivity. This is enabling smarter and more enjoyable and creative work.

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