Creating a Healthy Working Environment

The SoftBank Group has created a mental and physical health policy with the aim of improving and supporting the wellbeing of all employees. A number of activities are being promoted based around this policy, as maintaining and improving the health of employees is one of the top priorities of management. It is important each employee is mentally and physically healthy, as they are the driving force for the realization of both company and personal aspirations.

The basic mental and physical health policy outline

  1. Support the wellbeing of all SoftBank Group employees so all work aspirations can be achieved with a sound body and mind.
  2. Work to create a safe and comfortable work environment in which each employee can reach their full potential.
  3. Observe compliance related to occupational health and safety laws to become a highly trusted corporate group amongst internal and external stakeholders.

Activities to improve the health of employees

Activities to improve the health of employees

To help employees reach their full potential and strive forward in the workplace, the Wellness Center collaborates with HR to offer support from permanently stationed physical and mental health specialists.

Specialist support for every employee

Employees can receive a consultation at any time from on-site physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, and counselors. These services are also available for finding solutions for leading a healthier lifestyle, such as quitting smoking and dieting, and career services are also available to support further achievements in the workplace.

Education and training on creating a healthy and enjoyable workplace

Training is carried out on stress management, the fundamentals of mental health, and communication issues in the workplace. Monthly seminars for supervisors are held to help prevent the need for leaves of absence from the workplace, and also to support returning workers as they settle in after a leave of absence.

Self-care and relaxation

Self-care is implemented to improve the workplace and prevent the occurrence of mental health issues. As part of this, a stress check system was independently developed by SB Atwork Corp called “Wellness Eye,” which all employees are encouraged to implement.

Offering mentoring in the workplace with the peer supporter system

Offering mentoring in the workplace with the peer supporter system

A peer support system is in effect whereby employees who hold occupational counselor or health and safety qualifications can volunteer to offer consultations in the workplace upon passing screening and training. Peer supporters can be identified by pink strap around their necks. Peer supporters help employees who are hesitant to raise workplace issues with management or visit the Wellness Center, providing a comfortable environment for discussion. The initiative aims to address concerns quickly and create a more comfortable work environment.

Preventing workplace harassment

The SoftBank Group provides awareness training through topic-based seminars and e-learning for all workers with the goal of ensuring a healthy and safe workplace free of all forms of harassment. Should a harassment incident occur, a primary contact point has been established so appropriate measures can be taken as quickly as possible. As part of that response, a counselor will first listen to what happened, and then discuss next steps with the employee. All consultations are handled with complete confidentiality.