Company Information Message from President

MESSAGE FROM KEN MIYAUCHI “The purpose of coming into the world is to accomplish one’s duty.”

This is the era in which the Information Revolution will come into bloom. Back in the days when PCs first came on the market, SoftBank knew this time would come. Since our foundation, we constantly anticipated the needs of the coming era and harnessed the Information Revolution to bring it about.

We have now reached the stage where telecommunications infrastructure is an indispensable part of life. At SoftBank, we are leveraging even faster, higher capacity networks to make people’s lives more fulfilling.

At the same time, we are launching a string of new businesses with companies all over the world, including those in which the SoftBank Group has invested through its “Cluster of No. 1 Strategy.”
Meanwhile, driven by our “Beyond Carrier” strategy, we are moving beyond the limits of a mobile telecommunications carrier and leveraging AI and other cutting-edge technologies to supply products and services that will change the world.
Our ambition is to combine our existing telecommunications business with new businesses. If you share this ambition and join SoftBank now, unlimited new opportunities await you.
SoftBank’s future is in your hands.

President, SoftBank Corp.
Ken Miyauchi