Promotion of Diversity

Creating a strong organization
by combining the capabilities of diverse individuals

Creating a strong organization by combining the capabilities of diverse individuals

The SoftBank Group strives to create opportunities and build an environment in which all employees, regardless of age, gender, nationality or disability, can demonstrate their individuality and capabilities. Promotions are given based on fair evaluation of responsibilities, performance and capabilities.

SoftBank Group employees are united with a common vision, able to leverage each other's strengths, communicate freely and pursue innovation in their efforts toward realizing the corporate philosophy.

Hiring people with special needs

At the SoftBank Group we want each employee to utilize their respective abilities to play an active role in the company. As a general principle, SoftBank applies the same criteria in the employment of people with special needs as to the employment of those without, and while consideration is given to an employee's disability, once employed, scope of work, promotion, and evaluation standards are identical to those of non-disabled employees. Through year-round recruitment activities, the company is continually working to further improve its rate of employment of people with special needs.

SB Frameworks Corp., an operator of logistics outsourcing and consulting services specializing in IT companies, has actively hired people with special needs since December 2009. It has a structure in place to allow each staff member to play an active role regardless of their disability, and has 11*1 people with special needs on the payroll.

SB Frameworks also promotes the hiring of people with special needs on a community level by regularly providing the students of local special-needs schools with opportunities to visit its office. In 2011, SB Frameworks opened its office for visits from adults with special needs, in partnership with Chiba Prefecture's Kashiwa City.

In recognition of these efforts, SB Frameworks was certified by Chiba Prefecture as a “Friendly Office Filled with Happy Faces.” This certificate is granted to companies which actively hire people with special needs and run operations where people with and without special needs work together.

  1. *1
    As of March 2016

Supporting women in the workforce

As of April 2019, women accounted for about 30% of employees at SoftBank, with 6.2% of them in managerial posts.

More than 90% of female employees who take maternity/childcare leave return to work. In addition, the average number of years employees work consecutively is 12.0 years for men and 11.0 years for women, a difference of one year. Many female employees are successfully balancing both their work and parenting responsibilities.

Furthermore, to see even greater utilization of women in the workforce, SoftBank is improving and expanding its system of childcare leave and reduced working hours beyond what is stipulated in the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act. In addition to creating a work environment that enables mothers to have and raise children with peace of mind, SoftBank offers special childbirth allowances, childcare support and other unique career support systems so female employees can reach their full potential.

Eruboshi certification


SoftBank received “Eruboshi” certification (class 2) by the Japanese government, in recognition of the company's superior accomplishments in initiatives to promote women's advancement in the workplace.
SoftBank plans to continue initiatives promoting the advancement of women in the workforce, including the “New Generation Eijyo College” project, a multi-industry exchange project promoting the advancement of women in sales roles, and a Life-Career Vision Workshop for women.

Support for LGBT employees

Our aim at SoftBank is to maintain a working environment in which all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation, can feel proud of and rewarded by the work they do.

In October 2016, SoftBank amended its internal rules to recognize same-sex partners as spouses in line with the definition defined in its internal documentation, in addition to Japanese law regarding recognized spouses. If the relevant documentation is submitted and processed, same-sex partners are eligible to receive spousal benefits equal to those of other married couples. SoftBank has also set up an LGBT-related consultation desk at its Wellness Center in combination with HR consultation services.

In January 2017, as a preface to internal rules on respecting human rights and the forbidding of discriminatory behavior, SoftBank added clauses related to mutual respect regardless of sexual orientation, making it clear that discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation is strictly forbidden. SoftBank is also promoting LGBT awareness at seminars and training sessions for newly appointed managers and at seminars for current managers.

SoftBank will continue to strive to provide a comfortable workplace environment that all kinds of employees can be proud of so they can fully realize their potential.