Exclusive to Japan and ‘SoftBank’ Stores: “Leitz Phone 3” Features Iconic Design and Innovative Photographic Options

Exclusive to Japan and ‘SoftBank’ Stores: “Leitz Phone 3” Features Iconic Design and Innovative Photographic Options

SoftBank Corp. (TOKYO: 9434) announced that from April 19, 2024, the “Leitz Phone 3” will be available exclusively at select ‘SoftBank’ brand outlets in Japan. The newest and third smartphone to be fully supervised by Leica Camera AG – a camera manufacturer renowned for its combination of craftsmanship, industrial design and innovative technologies – follows the Leitz Phone 2 introduced by SoftBank in 2022.

Similar to its predecessor, the Leitz Phone 3 is an Android-based 5G smartphone manufactured by Sharp Corporation. Sporting a new iconic design, enhanced imaging and additional features, the Leitz Phone 3 opens up an even wider world of possibilities for mobile photography.

Breathtaking pictures made possible with “Leitz Looks”

Breathtaking pictures made possible with “Leitz Looks”

The "Leitz Looks" mode, which enables photography typically found with Leica cameras, now includes a variable aperture that can adjust background blur across six levels from F1.4 to F8 (of the three lens effects, “Summilux 28,” “Summilux 35,” and “Noctilux 50,” Noctilux 50 has an added F1.2, which can be adjusted in seven steps).

Two new “Leica Tones” filters – “Enhanced,” which emphasizes high contrast between shadows and highlights, and “Vivid,” which creates bright, energetic, and expressive color tones – have been added as well, allowing for even more professional photography. Additionally, a function developed by Leica called “Leica Perspective Control” uses an algorithm to detect and correct distortions – such as tilted buildings within an image – on manual mode.

The rear camera is equipped with a 14-channel spectrum sensor that finely measures and corrects the state of light during shooting, enabling customers to capture various scenes in colors that are even more true-to-life. Other features include an evolved HDR functionality that allows beautiful photos to be taken even in backlit or dark settings, as well as support for continuous shooting and video recording.

Iconic design coupled with high-performance

Inspired by the iconic Leica cameras, Leitz Phone 3’s housing exemplifies Leica’s uniquely functional aesthetics and feel. The back has a premium polyacrylic texture, emulating the leather-like feeling of holding a high-quality Leica camera.

The device’s iconic design is also mirrored in the user interface. The widgets have been rearranged, making the entire layout even clearer and more user friendly. This means signature Leica features like the “Golden Hour Widget” – which alerts the user to the hour before sunset and after sunrise when light is particularly warm and suited for spectacular photos – are easier to find and use.

With its high-performance "Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform" CPU, the Leitz Phone 3 also has plenty of processing power to enable smooth operation, and a large storage capacity of 512GB. With its battery of 5,000mAh and a proprietary energy-saving technology for its IGZO OLED display, users can take plenty of photos and videos for extended periods of time.

For more information, visit this website (in Japanese).

(Posted on April 16, 2024)
by SoftBank News Editors