OYO Hotels Japan Updates the Traditional Japanese Inn with “OYO Ryokan”

OYO Ryokan inns are furnished with newly designed furniture and accoutrements

In Tokyo on March 18, 2020, OYO Hotels Japan announced “OYO Ryokan,” a new brand for Japan that follows the ethos of omotenashi--the country’s unique approach to hospitality. While making the most of the charming traditions of ryokan (Japanese style inns), OYO Ryokan incorporates new elements to provide guests with even more enjoyable stays.

About OYO Hotels Japan

OYO Hotels Japan was established in 2019 as a joint venture between the India-headquartered global hotel chain OYO, SoftBank Corp. (TOKYO: 9434) and SoftBank Vision Fund. OYO Hotels Japan is providing added value to hotel owners across Japan with technology-customized products, AI-driven revenue management and access to global OYO guests.

Combining the best of ryokan traditions with advanced technology

Before launching the OYO Ryokan brand for the Japanese market, OYO Hotels Japan employees conducted extensive research by visiting ryokans across the country. They stayed at more than 50 inns, which inspired them to come up with ideas to update the ryokan guest experience. As a result, a number of new innovations were developed for OYO Ryokan properties.

Ryokans typically have tatami-matted rooms with little furniture. Some travellers coming to Japan find it difficult to sit on the tatami floor for extended periods. To address this, OYO Hotels Japan converted the futon bedding into sofas--think of it as a Japanese-style sofa bed! In shared bathing areas, they raised the height of the stool by 10cm for more comfortable seating. By finding these and other ways to provide greater convenience, OYO Ryokan is making the ryokan experience even more accessible.

While staying true to the traditional designs of ryokans, OYO Hotels Japan is helping owners renovate their properties, and is providing them with OYO-branded products to create even better room spaces. OYO’s reservation system and support also helps owners bring in more guests so they can maximize revenues.

OYO Hotels Japan management unveils the OYO Ryokan logo, which uses the “umenezumi” (pale gray with a reddish tinge), a traditional Japanese color

At the press conference, Hiroto Yagi, Head of OYO Ryokan, said, “As the travel industry continues to evolve, owners of ryokans with long histories are facing various issues related to management, succession and staff shortages. OYO wants to support owners that need to transform their ryokans to address these challenges.”

(Original article posted on March 23, 2020)
by SoftBank News Editors