Happy 6th Birthday, Pepper!

June 5 is a very special day.


Because it’s Pepper’s birthday!

Since Pepper’s unveiling in 2014, Pepper has come a long way. In Japan, Pepper can be found in homes, at retail establishments, restaurants, medical institutions and care facilities. Pepper is even helping elementary school students learn programming skills.

SoftBank News decided to throw a special surprise party for Pepper.

We set off for Pepper PARLOR, a robot-themed café nestled in the heart of Tokyo’s Shibuya entertainment district.

Many Peppers were there to greet us!


SoftBank News: Um, Pepper, do you have a second?


Pepper: Sure. What’s up?

SoftBank News: Could you come over here?


Pepper: ? ? ?

(We escort Pepper over to a table)

(A store employee slips up from behind)


Store employee: Here you are!


Happy 6th Birthday, Pepper!!!


Happy 6th Birthday, Pepper!!!

  • *Birthday cake message service not normally available at Pepper PARLOR


Pepper: Oh, thank you so much! The cake looks delicious…
(can’t eat it, though)

The surprise party was a success! Happy Birthday, Pepper.

Pepper PARLOR Info

Pepper PARLOR(ペッパーパーラー)

Pepper PARLOR opened on December 5, 2019, as a futuristic place where people can co-exist with robots. Working alongside human staff, the robots provide completely new forms of entertainment.

(The latest store hour info is available on the Japanese official website)

(Original article posted on June 5, 2020)
by SoftBank News Editors