Unlocking Urban Innovation: 'Smart City Takeshiba' Project Revolutionizing Takeshiba District with Real-time Data

Unlocking Urban Innovation: 'Smart City Takeshiba' Project Revolutionizing Takeshiba District with Real-time Data

As cities become increasingly digitized, innovative technologies are making daily life more convenient than ever before. Smart Cities are driving this trend by leveraging AI, sensor networks and other advanced technologies to improve energy efficiency, alleviate traffic congestion, and address environmental issues.

TOKYU LAND CORPORATION and SoftBank Corp. (TOKYO: 9434) announced plans in June 2023 to expand their joint "Smart City Takeshiba" project in Tokyo's Takeshiba district, which first launched in 2019. Utilizing a data exchange platform that enables various businesses to access real-time data collected in the area, they aim to improve disaster prevention measures and enhance urban navigation. Given Japan's susceptibility to natural disasters, disaster response measures are a key focus.

One of the solutions TOKYU LAND and SoftBank developed is a disaster-readiness service that integrates various disaster-related data sets and transmits them in real-time. A trial run in December 2022 proved that the service can reduce the time required for disaster information collection and transmission by over half compared to previous levels.

TOKYU LAND and SoftBank also worked with partners to create a Digital Twin of the Takeshiba area to enhance disaster management and evacuation procedures, showing a 70% increase in disaster response efficiency for those within the Takeshiba area. Furthermore, they installed portable digital signage in nine facilities throughout the district to track visitor data and promote cross-visitation between facilities.

As part of their efforts to improve transportation within the district, TOKYU LAND and SoftBank have partnered with operators of alternative mobility services, such as OpenStreet Co., Ltd.’s HELLO CYCLING, to display availability on digital signage and on the official Takeshiba area LINE account.

The ultimate goal at Smart City Takeshiba is to promote visitation within the district and facilitate a smooth evacuation process when a disaster occurs.

(Posted on July 20, 2023)
by SoftBank News Editors