OYO Japan Rebrands as Tabist to Offer New, Localized Travel Experiences

OYO Japan Rebrands as Tabist to Offer a New, Localized Travel Experiences

On March 16, 2022, OYO Japan held a virtual press conference to announce it will re-launch under a new brand name, “Tabist.”

OYO Japan’s President and Chief Executive Officer Ryota Tanozaki unveiled the new brand and company name that will take effect on April 1, 2022. The Tabist brand, which incorporates the Japanese word for travel (“tabi”), will offer new travel experiences in Japan’s unique regions by digitally transforming lodging and other aspects of the hospitality industry. Tanozaki presented Tabist’s initiatives in detail.

About Oyo Japan

Oyo Japan

OYO Hotels Japan was first established in 2019 as a joint venture between the India-headquartered global hotel chain OYO, SoftBank Corp. (TOKYO: 9434) and SoftBank Vision Fund. As reported by SoftBank News, OYO Japan has offered two brands, OYO Hotel and OYO Ryokan from 2020.

Targeting small and medium-sized hotels and Japanese-style inns (called “ryokans”), since it launched in 2019, OYO Japan has been working to revitalize the lodging industry in four ways: maximizing guest visits, maximizing sales for owners, enhancing efficiencies and operating hotel and inns for owners.

OYO Japan has supported Japan's lodging industry by managing listings on Japan’s major travel portal sites and by introducing dynamic pricing in cooperation with partners. As a result, OYO Japan had the third largest number of lodging facilities in its network as of January 2021.

Despite this rapid growth trajectory for OYO Japan, Tanozaki noted that various aspects also needed to be considered from a guest’s point of view. For example, employees asked themselves whether OYO Japan’s website and app was easy to use, and whether it was possible to respond to online reviews and evaluations.

Providing travel stories unique to each locale

OYO Japan Rebrands as Tabist to Offer a New, Localized Travel Experiences

OYO Japan President and CEO Ryota Tanozaki

With the rebranding, Tanozaki said that Tabist’s aim is to make travel easier and to provide truly localized experiences unique to each region of Japan. For example, the new Tabist app will offer travel suggestions tailored to guests' preferences and make check-in possible by simply showing a QR code.

OYO Japan's mission to create new systems that utilize the uniqueness of each lodging facility and its vision of providing life-enriching travel to all people will remain unchanged. Tabist will use unprecedented new ideas and the latest technologies to promote the appeal of lodging facilities across Japan.

Leveraging technologies of SoftBank Corp.’s group companies

OYO Japan Rebrands as Tabist to Offer a New, Localized Travel Experiences

To make its offering even more attractive and convenient, Tabist is working closely with SoftBank Corp.’s group companies.

    • Collaborating with Mapbox Japan to provide travel tips
Collaborating with Mapbox Japan to provide travel tips

The first version of the new Tabist app will be released April 2022 in collaboration with Mapbox Japan, a SoftBank Corp. group company that provides map platforms. Tabist plans to introduce location-based recommendations near its hotels and inns within the app.

    • Collaborating with PayPay to attract customers

OYO Japan already has 10,000 followers on the mobile payment app offered by group company PayPay, making them eligible to receive PayPay rebates and savings. Tabist will inherit these OYO Japan followers, and it plans to launch campaigns that offer rebates of up to 30% for guests who use PayPay to pay for lodging.

    • Collaborating with Agoop to maximize sales for owners
Collaborating with Agoop to maximize sales for owners

Tabist is refining its pricing algorithm by utilizing the floating population data provided by Agoop, a SoftBank Corp. group company.

Tabist’s other enhancements to boost efficiencies include the introduction of a smart check-in system, and a system that enables owners to easily manage promotions.

Tabist will propose local travel experiences that take advantage of the unique characteristics of each lodging facility and its environs. For example, the accommodation plan at “Wa Style Tokyo,” a reasonably-proceed and high-quality Japanese-style inn located near Nishikawaguchi Station on the northern outskirts of Tokyo, offers a special discount plan that lets guests enjoy full-course, authentic Chinese meals at partner restaurants in the area’s “Little China Town.” Tabist will create other “travel story” plans that make it easy for guests to enjoy local attractions and specialties.

Becoming a DX partner for Japan’s hospitality industry

Under its new brand name, Tabist will transform itself into a company that offers new experiences tailored to Japan’s unique travel and lodging environment. Tabist will contribute to the revitalization of Japan’s hospitality industry by leveraging unique digital transformation (DX) solutions and the advanced technologies provided by SoftBank Corp.’s group companies.

(Posted on March 22, 2022)
by SoftBank News Editors