Biography Hiroko Sasaki

Hiroko Sasaki
External Director
Hiroko Sasaki
Date of birth:
October 29, 1973; 50 years old
Number of common shares held
in the Company: - shares
(As of June 20, 2024)
Apr. 1996 Joined the Bank of Japan
Apr. 2001 Joined McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Oct. 2009 Transformation Designer, Transformation Office, Sony Corporation (currently Sony Group Corporation)
Oct. 2010 Founder and President & CEO, ChangeWAVE Inc. (currently HYS Corporation) (to present)
Sept. 2016 President & CEO, Lyxis Co., Ltd. (currently ChangeWAVE Group, Inc.) (to present)
June 2021 Outside Director, Shinsei Bank, Limited, (currently SBI Shinsei Bank, Limited)
June 2021 Outside Director, UT Group Co., Ltd.
June 2022 Outside Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee Member), UT Group Co., Ltd. (to present)
Oct. 2022 Outside Director, Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management Company, Limited (to present)
Oct. 2022 Representative Director of Human Capital Management Promotion Association (to present)
June 2024 External Director, the Company (to present)

Concurrent position in other listed companies

Outside Director (Audit & Supervisory Committee Member), UT Group Co., Ltd.

Ms. Hiroko Sasaki founded her own companies with a vision to transform companies and has extensive management experience, including assisting hundreds of companies with organizational transformation, management human resource development, and resolving issues facing people trying to maintain a career while burdened with nursing care. She has also served as a member of expert committees on the promotion of diversity at several large companies, and has been promoting corporate transformation.