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(Priority Issues)

SoftBank has declared "a world where all things, information and minds are connected" as the concept by which it will achieve the SDGs, which comprise a universal theme for the realization of a sustainable society. We have identified six priority issues (materiality themes, or key challenges) as the theme for realizing this concept. We believe these six materiality themes embody our corporate philosophy “Information Revolution - Happiness for Everyone” and serve as an important compass connected to our “Beyond Carrier” growth strategy.

Through the identification and response to materiality, SoftBank will accelerate its “Beyond Carrier” management strategy and contribute to realizing a society as envisioned by the SDGs

Sustainability strategy

Sustainability strategy Sustainability strategy
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Six materialities
(priority issues)

In addition to resolving social issues through business activities by “building society and industry through Digital Transformation (DX)” and “creating new businesses through open innovation,” materiality involves “contributing to the global environment with the power of technology,” “building high-quality social communication networks” and “developing a resilient management foundation” to resolve social issues through corporate activities.

The six materiality themes originate from contemporary society and our business, as well as from our determination to achieve the SDGs by 2030, becoming a visionary perspective for the next 10 years that requires SoftBankʼs unique capabilities.

material issues

The SDG Promotion Committee and the Board of Directors re-examine the company’s materiality and the value created by the SDGs in light of changes in the environment surrounding the company due to the addition of LINE Corporation to the group in March 2021 and the adoption of a new management structure in April 2021.

At the meeting of the SDG Promotion Committee and the Board of Directors on the April 2022, we re-examined our materiality and SDG-creating values, confirming the impact on our business of changes in the social and external environment *1 as well as the outlook, status, and importance *2 of our business, and reflected these impacts and importance in our materiality and SDG-created values.

The entire company, including directors, executives and employees has re-affirmed the importance of these initiatives as key drivers to further accelerate “Beyond Carrier” strategy and become a comprehensive digital platformer and will continue to promote the achievement of the SDGs.


  • *1

    Rising importance of information security and protection of data and personal information, including response to climate change, increased awareness of biodiversity and natural capital, impact of geopolitical aspects and international tensions, and tighter regulations on cyber attacks and data transfer.

  • *2

    Increased importance for further promotion of digital society implementation and corporate and social DX, creating new lifestyle value and pursuing customer value, expanding business on a global scale, promoting energy domain, as well as strengthening cooperation and synergy with group companies.

Importance of External Factors

We identified these issues with an awareness of the importance of requirements from outside the industry, such as the contributions made by experts, investors, external initiatives, etc. in terms of our technical development and businesses, in addition to the SDGs.

Importance of Internal Factors

We are discussing and considering the kinds of businesses and services we can realize in the future, based on a comparison of the deliberations by the SDGs Promotion Committee, the status of administration, management, and the SoftBank Corp. Group’s businesses and our plans for the medium- to long-term future, with the 169 targets contained in the 17 SDGs.

Identifying material issues Identifying material issues
  • 1Realize attractive customer value through the spread of smart devices
  • 2Create new industries through DX
  • 3Develop new business models with cutting-edge technologies
  • 4Enhance productivity with advanced workplace environments
  • 5Expand and enhance the efficiency of the industrial base through cutting-edge technologies
  • 6Provide an environment in which everyone can access information
  • 7Prepare sustainable life infrastructure
  • 8Promotion of data security and privacy protection initiatives
  • 9Incubate and spiral-up cutting-edge businesses overseas
  • 10Build systems to recruit and develop human resources to lead growth and create new businesses
  • 11Contribute to the mitigation of climate change through technology and business
  • 12Leveraging ICT to create new lifestyles and enhance the foundations for daily life
  • 13Sustainable growth through cooperation with stakeholders
  • 14Enhance corporate governance and ensure its effectiveness
  • 15Revitalize local communities (regional revitalization)
  • 16Realize a prosperous society through the spread of renewable energy
  • 17Construct robust communications infrastructure to contribute to disaster prevention and mitigation
  • 18Enhance employee happiness with diversity and inclusion
  • 19Promote a recycling-based society (circular economy)
Sustainability strategy
Identifying material issues