Segment composition ratio

Revenue Revenue
Operating income Operating income
  • *1
    Operating income of the Distribution segment for FY2023 is ¥26.2 billion.
  • *2
    Operating loss of the Financial segment for FY2023 is ¥5.0 billion.

Business strategy

In the area of commerce (e.g. online shopping), we aim for sustainable growth in the e-commerce transaction value by online and offline integration, improving the quality of delivery, and the pursuit of new shopping experiences centered on communication.

In the area of the media (e.g. internet advertising), we are striving to maximize existing advertising sales and open up new markets by raising the unit price of ads, such as through improving their graphic design and raising distribution accuracy.

Two competitive advantages

1. Commerce services adapted to diversifying needs

As user needs diversify with the expanded use of online shopping, we are active with a wide range of users by rolling out several commerce services with differing advantages.

We provide services like “Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping,” which contains many stores with different scales and formats, “ZOZOTOWN,” one of the biggest online fashion shopping sites in Japan, and also “Yahoo! JAPAN Auction” and “Yahoo! JAPAN Flea Market,” which serve the used goods market.

Commerce services adapted to diversifying needs Commerce services adapted to diversifying needs

2. Marketing solutions utilizing group assets

SoftBank has unique strengths in marketing solutions through our top-class services utilizing our advantages in the communications and payment fields. We can support integrated marketing from the acquisition of new customers to encouraging ongoing use, through our advantages in marketing analysis via data linking and promotion of repeat purchasing through communications apps.

Business target

Pursue business efficiency and renewed of growth strategy
for media, search, and commerce business from FY2024 and beyond

(Progress in FY2023)
Segment income increased 24% year on year
through selective focus on key business areas and cost optimization