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SoftBank Corp. at a Glance

Our Group

  1. *1
    As of March 31, 2023, the Group holds shares of PayPay Corporation (“PayPay”) via B Holdings Corporation (“BHD”, a holding company jointly managed by the Company and Z Holdings Corporation (“ZHD”, currently LY Corporation), a subsidiary of the Company. The Company and ZHD (currently LY Corporation) each hold 50% of BHD). BHD holds 57.9% of PayPay's voting rights. In addition, the Company and ZHD (currently LY Corporation) each hold 5.9% of PayPay's shares directly. Through this capital structure, the Group holds 69.8% of PayPay's voting rights (46.1% of economic interest). The shareholding ratio abovementioned is before Paytm exercises their stock acquisition rights, which was issued to Paytm at the end of September 2020 and exercisable from the end of the same month
  2. *2
    Shareholding ratio: we hold LY Corporation via A Holdings Corporation (“AHD”), a consolidated subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. (SoftBank Corp. and NAVER Corporation each hold 50% of the voting rights), and AHD holds 64.5% of the voting rights in ZHD (currently LY Corporation) as of March 31, 2023
  3. *
    The structure shows a part of our subsidiaries and affiliates. For all group companies, see SoftBank Corp. Companies
  4. *
    % indicates percentage of the shareholding ratio as of March 31, 2023
  5. *
    On October 1, 2023, Z Holdings Corporation, as the surviving company, completed an intra-group reorganization involving mainly itself and two of its core wholly owned subsidiaries, LINE Corporation and Yahoo Japan Corporation, and changed its trade name to LY Corporation

Business Fields

Business Fields

Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth
Adjusted free cash flow
  1. *1
    Adjusted free cash flow (“FCF”) = FCF + (proceeds from the securitization of installment sales receivables repayments thereof). Excludes adjustments for FCF of AHD, ZHD Group, PayPay and PayPay Card, and loans to board directors, includes dividend received from AHD
  2. *
    Above figures are as of fiscal year ended March 31, 2023 on a consolidated basis (except adjusted free cash flow)

Services and Brands

Services for enterprise customers

Enterprise customer base
  1. *
    Approximate percentage of listed companies with revenue of JPY 100 bn or more that have transaction with SoftBank Corp.

Media services

Average monthly users
Media services
Monthly active users

E-Commerce services

E-Commerce services
Annual e-commerce transaction value in Japan

Mobile payment and FinTech services

Mobile payment and FinTech services
FinTech services
Banking Credit card Investment Insurance Asset management

Mobile services

Mobile services
Smartphone subscribers

Broadband services

Broadband services
Broadband service subscribers
  1. *
    Number of subscribers or user IDs rounded to nearest 0.01 million

New businesses

SoftBank expands the new businesses through collaboration with various partners

  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Energy
  • Big data / AI
  • Communications
  • Health care
  • FinTech
  • Location / Real estate

    Consultation regarding introduction and operation of the autonomous vehicle, development and operation of autonomous driving technology related to passenger and logistics businesses


    A joint venture with Toyota and other partners to promote next generation mobility services and to create value from solving social issues related to mobility

  • cybereason

    Endpoint security solutions to protect enterprises from cyber attacks


    Real-time, on-device protection against known and unknown threats with a proprietary machine learning technology


    Platformer based on big data analysis utilizing energy data and Home IoT to enrich the daily life of people

    SB Power

    Sales and purchases of power and mediating power transaction

  • agoop

    Location-based big data business


    Data business solutions / Digital marketing


    AI-based image recognition

  • Network equipment R&D, construction for HAPS business and planning for spectrum usage, innovative solutions for connectivity
    HAPS: high altitude platform station


    Online healthcare services

  • TBCASoft

    Building the trusted Cross-Carrier Blockchain Networks with global telecommunication carrier partners

  • ALES

    Generates and delivers correctional positioning information of centimeter-level accuracy


    Taxi-hailing platform leveraging AI technology


    Mapping and location cloud platform for developers


    Solving hotel and traditional accommodation issues
    using IT


    Community centric workspace and space-as-a-service platform

  1. *
    The description of each company represents the business that each company operates

Corporate Data

Corporate Data
  1. *
    Total of consolidated subsidiaries, equity method affiliates, and other affiliates, etc.

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