Shareholder Returns

Dividend Policy

We aim to pay stable per-share dividends, with a guideline dividend payout ratio to net income* of approximately 85% on a consolidated basis.

We consider the return of profits to shareholders to be an important goal for our management along with the increase in corporate value. We believe we can achieve both a high rate of shareholder returns and growth investments based on our ability to make highly efficient investments in new businesses in cooperation with the SoftBank Group portfolio companies. To increase corporate value, we will make capital investments to enable more stable service operation, as well as continuing investments in new businesses. Our basic policy is to distribute surplus twice a year as interim and year-end dividends. Our dividend policy is to consider performance trends, financial condition and our dividend payout ratio on a comprehensive basis while paying attention to the stability and sustainability of dividends.

We will continue to grow both telecommunications business and new businesses, striving to increase our corporate value and make an appropriate return of profit to shareholders.

  1. *
    Net Income: Net income attributable to owners of SoftBank Corp.

Dividend History

Dividend per Share (JPY) Payout Ratio (%)
Interim Year-end
Fiscal year ending March 2020 (Forecast) 85.0 (Forecast) 42.5 (Forecast) 42.5 84.8
Fiscal year ended March 2019 - - 37.5 83.3*
  1. *
    Converted to annual ratio. Payout ratio is 85.5% when calculated using forecasted net income attributable to owners of SoftBank Corp. (JPY420,000 million).